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HiveMQ Enterprise

Distributed Tracing Extension

This extension uses an open standard, OpenTelemetry-based, enterprise-grade approach to add tracing capabilities to the HiveMQ MQTT platform. In unison, HiveMQ logging, monitoring, and tracing make your MQTT broker fully observable.

Category: Observability

Version: Bundles with HiveMQ

License: Commercial

Provider: HiveMQ

Verified: Yes

Monitor and track MQTT data end-to-end & in real-time on your APM solution with HiveMQ Distributed Tracing Extension featuring OpenTelemetry integration.


The Distributed Tracing Extension supports OpenTelemetry which enables IoT observability. Using this extension, it is possible to get a high-level overview of the journey of requested data, without taking a deep dive into complex individual systems. The HiveMQ Enterprise Distributed Tracing Extension makes it possible to:

  • Trace sent and received MQTT PUBLISH messages within the HiveMQ broker, including publishing inbound and outbound interceptors.

  • Trace sent and received Kafka records in the HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for Kafka, including Kafka to MQTT transformers and MQTT to Kafka transformers.

  • Trace publish authorizers for MQTT PUBLISH packets.

  • Configure the sampling and filtering of MQTT PUBLISH messages to precisely control the type and amount of data exported.

Why HiveMQ and Distributed Tracing?

Distributed tracing tracks application requests as they move through the microservices that make up your distributed applications. Now it is possible to track MQTT messages and broker interactions in the APM of your choice.

Open Standards Support with HiveMQ MQTT Platform

Open Standards Support

By supporting OpenTelemetry, this extension ensures maximum interoperability without restrictive vendor lock-in for all tracing data.

Predictive Analytics with HiveMQ MQTT platform

Trace & Debug IoT Data

Trace MQTT data in real-time in your Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution that supports OpenTelemetry.

Reduce Downtime of your IoT or IIoT application with HiveMQ MQTT Platform

Reduce Downtime

Detect problems quickly by tracing data in real time, minimizing your resolution time, and creating a better customer experience.

IoT Data Visualization with HiveMQ MQTT platform

Greater Observability

Build and integrate alerting and monitoring dashboards that give you clear insights into your entire IoT and business processes.

HiveMQ Extensions

HiveMQ extensions are plugins that provide seamless integration with streaming services, databases, data warehouses, and security services. There is a Custom SDK to build tailored extensions for specific integration needs.

Scalability with HiveMQ MQTT Platform


Extensions usage scales along with the rest of the cluster and each enterprise extension is designed and tested for use in a cluster.

Availability with HiveMQ MQTT Platform


Extensions run on each cluster node, so if a node exits the cluster the extension will be present on the replacement node.

Managebility with HiveMQ MQTT Platform


No separate nodes to manage. Easily manage cluster-wide configuration in a Kubernetes cluster with the HiveMQ Operator.

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