Prometheus Monitoring Plugin

Version: 1.0.0
License: Apache v2

The Prometheus Monitoring plugin allows HiveMQ to expose metrics to a Prometheus application.

Installation Prometheus Monitoring Plugin

  1. Copy the jar file hivemq-prometheus-monitoring-plugin-.jar to your [HIVEMQ_HOME]/plugins folder
  2. Copy the sample-configuration/ file to your [HIVEMQ_HOME]/conf folder
  3. Modify the file for your needs
  4. Done


The Prometheus Monitoring plugin uses its own configuration file which must be placed in HiveMQ’s config folder.
The plugin will expose the HiveMQ metrics on Servlet in order to provide a scrape target for a Prometheus application, that will pull the metrics from it.

  1. Start HiveMQ
  2. Start Prometheus

Configuration of the Prometheus Plugin

Config name Required Description Default



The port which the servlet will listen to.




The bind-address which the servlet will listen to.



The path for the servlet which gets called by Prometheus. It must start with a slash. (IMPORTANT: /servlet will be inserted between : and . For example


Configuration of Prometheus

For detailed information please visit:

A short sample for the configuration file of your prometheus application: