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Steadforce Announces Partnership With HiveMQ

Munich/Landshut, Germany, January 9, 2020

In October this year, MQTT celebrated its 20th birthday. According to surveys, the protocol is now widely used for the development of IoT (Internet of Things) applications, making MQTT the de-facto standard for the IoT. The IoT is no longer just about technical gimmicks, but about the enrichment of all industries and sectors as well as our everyday lives.

In order to develop new IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) or IoT business cases together with customers, the Munich-based company Steadforce and the Landshut-based startup HiveMQ have decided on a partnership. Steadforce has a broad spectrum of knowledge in the areas of Data Science, Machine Learning, Agile Mindset, Data Engineering, Enterprise Applications, Cloud Solutions, IoT, DevOps and Application Management, and advises many companies in the German medium-sized business as well as the automotive industry. With it's MQTT Platform, HiveMQ delivers the technology that enables data exchange between IoT devices, machines and applications. Together, they could already convince new customers about the HiveMQ technology, enabling those customers to position themselves as game changers on the market.

"Steadforce in Munich is an important HiveMQ partner in our ecosystem," says HiveMQ's Head of Sales Dirk Pfefferle about the partnership. "We enjoy working with Steadforce because we complement each other very well. HiveMQ provides the deep technical know-how and Steadforce the profound (HiveMQ certified) solution know-how".

"Data acquisition and storage have existential importance for companies. Thus also the high performance and reliable transfer of the data," says Oliver Hold, Head of Sales at Steadforce GmbH. "We are pleased about the cooperation with HiveMQ. With the proven MQTT-based messaging platform we can create fast and cost-efficient IoT applications for our customers".

About HiveMQ

Landshut-based HiveMQ is one of the world's leading companies for networking machines, devices and applications on the IoT. The company has developed the HiveMQ platform, which enables secure and stable real-time data exchange between objects using the IoT standard communication protocol MQTT. With currently about 28 employees and more than 120 customers, among them the largest technology innovation leaders, HiveMQ is working on individual solutions for the networking of millions of devices and apps - from the industrial production of the future to intelligent logistics and modern telecommunications to autonomous driving.

About Steadforce

Steadforce - an IT and consulting company based in Munich and Timişoara (Romania) since 1985 - stands for reliability (steadiness) and strength (force) with the goal of exciting technologies of the future. A motivated team of 120 experts for IT Consulting, Big Data/Advanced Analytics, Software Development and Cloud Solutions offers future-proof digital solutions. Interdisciplinary experiences from established and innovative technologies in various industries - from mobility to insurance, chemistry to healthcare - are the enablers for digital transformation. Further information can be found at Steadforce.

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