New Open Source Community for HiveMQ

Landshut, Germany, April 16, 2019 HiveMQ, developers of the enterprise MQTT platform, today announced a new open source community to accelerate the adoption of MQTT and HiveMQ. The new open source community will initially host two open source projects: HiveMQ Community Edition (CE), a Java-based MQTT broker, and HiveMQ MQTT Client, a Java-based MQTT client. The community will provide high quality, professionally managed open source implementations of the MQTT standards to make it easier for IoT developers to experiment and innovate with MQTT and HiveMQ.

HiveMQ Community Edition (CE) is an open source Java-based MQTT broker that implements the complete MQTT 3.x and MQTT 5 broker specification. A well defined set of APIs will allow developers to easily extend the HiveMQ CE platform to integrate MQTT and HiveMQ with other open source projects and enterprise systems. The HiveMQ CE source code contribution is based on the highly successful HiveMQ enterprise MQTT platform that is used in production by over 120 customers.

HiveMQ MQTT Client is Java-based MQTT client developed for enterprise IoT use cases that require high-throughput and scalability. This is the first MQTT client with a reactive programming interface so developers can integrate MQTT into modern event driven applications. HiveMQ MQTT Client includes features required for developing business critical MQTT applications, including:

Pluggable thread pools for deep integration with Java applications.

The ability to run thousands of MQTT client instances on the same machine through a modern threading model.

Support for a wide variety of client platforms, including Linux distros, Android, and Windows.

Support for both MQTT 3.1.1 and MQTT 5.

"Our vision is that HiveMQ will become the platform that integrates MQTT into the fabric of the modern application infrastructure," explains Dominik Obermaier, CTO of HiveMQ. "An important part of our open source community will be to encourage developers and partners to create HiveMQ extensions that integrate MQTT data with other enterprise systems. We believe an open platform and API will empower the community to create innovative IoT solutions that will accelerate MQTT and HiveMQ adoption."

"We are looking forward to collaborating with HiveMQ on their new MQTT open source community," states Edgeworx Co-Founder Kilton Hopkins. "MQTT is an important standard for edge communication and we understand the benefits of the HiveMQ's open source implementation with our Edgeworx platform."

HiveMQ will continue to offer commercial editions of the HiveMQ platform to customers requiring clustering, enterprise security, management features and technical support for business critical deployments. The HiveMQ commercial editions will be based on HiveMQ CE. The development and maintenance of HiveMQ CE and HiveMQ commercial will be led by the same development team.

HiveMQ CE is available today on GitHub. More details about the different HiveMQ editions can be found here.

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