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HiveMQ 4 Delivers Support for MQTT 5

HiveMQ 4 released

Landshut, Germany, December 12, 2018

HiveMQ today announced the availability of HiveMQ 4, the new release of the popular enterprise MQTT messaging platform used by companies building IoT applications. HiveMQ 4 delivers complete support for the new MQTT 5 specification making it possible to build more reliable and scalable IoT applications. The new release also introduces the HiveMQ Marketplace and extension framework that allows customers to easily integrate HiveMQ and MQTT messages into their existing enterprise systems.

Digital transformation of industries is requiring companies to adopt a new breed of technology to meet the challenges of moving data between connected devices and enterprise systems. New digital products and IoT applications often need to operate over unreliable and costly networks that aren’t well served by existing web technologies. HiveMQ represents a new category of software that address the key challenges of deploying business critical IoT applications that are fast, reliable, and cost efficient.

The new HiveMQ 4 release expands on the core services it provides for moving data between connected devices and enterprise systems. Based on the MQTT protocol, HiveMQ 4 now supports the new MQTT 5 specification. The new MQTT 5 features now supported in HiveMQ include:

  • MQTT payload format descriptions, including content type of format indicator which makes it easier to integrate MQTT messages with enterprise systems

  • Shared subscriptions of MQTT messages makes it possible to create scalable enterprise MQTT client services.

  • User properties can now be added to MQTT messages so it is now possible to extend the MQTT protocol to fit the business needs of an IoT application.

  • Session and Message expiry makes it easier to develop IoT applications that exchange data with limited lifetime and usefulness, so the overall system is more reliable and scalable.

  • Negative Acknowledgements allows an MQTT broker to inform a client why a connection has been broken. This allows the client to take corrective action to reconnect with the broker.

“HiveMQ’s support for MQTT 5 is an important step for our customers who need to deploy business critical applications,” explains Dominik Obermaier, CTO of HiveMQ. “MQTT 5 addresses some of the shortcomings in the MQTT protocol that made it difficult to scale a reliable MQTT based system. HiveMQ 4 has implemented all these new features and we are proud to have a 100% complaint MQTT implementation. Our customers can depend on HiveMQ to provide a fast, reliable and efficient way to use MQTT to build IoT applications.”

HiveMQ 4 also introduces a new open API and HiveMQ Marketplace to make it easier to integrate HiveMQ into existing enterprise systems. The new open API allows developers to create extensions that integrate HiveMQ MQTT messages with existing enterprise systems, including databases, messaging systems, stream processing, and authentication systems. The HiveMQ Marketplace allows customers to gain access to pre-built extensions from HiveMQ. In the future it is expected the HiveMQ community will contribute additional extensions to the HiveMQ Marketplace.

HiveMQ is used in production by over 100 global companies, who are building business critical applications in diverse industries such as automotive, telecommunications, and electronics. It is estimated up to 8 million devices are connected and moving data through the HiveMQ platform. dc-square, the creator of HiveMQ, was recently awarded the prestigious Deloitte Fast 50 Award, recognizing the more than 1200% growth of HiveMQ sales over the last 4 years.

“The new Winterhalter UC Series uses HiveMQ to connect our commercial dishwashers.” states Benjamin Köb, Head of Digital Products and Services at Winterhalter. “We needed a solution to efficiently connect our dishwasher with our backend, no matter if it is connected via cable, wifi or even our 3G modems. HiveMQ provided that infrastructure that we needed to be successful. The MQTT lightweight protocol was ideally suited for our requirements to move data from dishwasher to our backend.”

HiveMQ 4 is available today for existing customers and evaluation by new customers. There are three options to evaluate HiveMQ 4:

  • Package download that can be run on Linux, Windows or iOS

  • Docker image available on Dockerhub

  • AWS AMI for deployment on AWS EC2.

Additional information about HiveMQ and complete HiveMQ documentation is also available.

About HiveMQ and dc-square

HiveMQ is a MQTT based messaging platform designed for the fast, efficient and reliable movement of data to and from connected IoT devices. It uses the MQTT protocol for instant, bi-directional push of data between your device and your enterprise systems. HiveMQ is designed for cloud native deployments so it capable of elastic scaling and fault tolerant reliability.

dc-square is one of the pioneers in helping customers connect devices at massive scale in a secure and reliable fashion. The company was founded 2012 in Germany and delivers its products and services worldwide from offices in Landshut, Germany.

dc-square was named in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 Award 2018, an prestigious award that recognizes fast growing German companies. dc-square’s revenue has grown over 1200% in 2013 to 2017 placing the company as the sixth fastest growing startup in Germany. dc-square has also been accepted into the German Accelerator Tech, an acceleration program that supports German companies to enter the US market.

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