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HiveMQ and United Manufacturing Hub Partner to Enable Industry 4.0 Use Cases

Proven UMH Open-Source Software Blueprint Now Includes the HiveMQ MQTT Platform

17 May 2023 – Landshut, Germany - HiveMQ, and United Manufacturing Hub today announced a partnership to help customers build a scalable and secure Industrial IoT (IIoT) infrastructure. United Manufacturing Hub is providing a IIOT Management Platform with a proven open-source blueprint that now includes HiveMQ by default as the MQTT platform of choice for reliable, scalable, and secure IoT messaging.

"There are three main requirements for a data-intensive application - reliability, scalability, and maintainability," said Jeremy Theocharis, CTO, United Manufacturing Hub. "We leverage MQTT because it is a simple protocol designed to meet these requirements even over unreliable connections. HiveMQ is the clear choice for an MQTT broker from a technology perspective, since it offers a range of features for enterprise use, including high availability clustering and automatic scalability."

United Manufacturing Hub and HiveMQ will work together on customer engagements to help manufacturers extract, contextualize, standardize, store and visualize data from the shop floor. In their OSS blueprint for Industrial IoT, United Manufacturing Hub recommends MQTT as the IoT messaging protocol and other open source tools including Node-RED, Kafka, TimescaleDB and Grafana.

"Industrial companies face a complicated web of technology and architecture choices, and we’re excited to partner with United Manufacturing Hub to help make it easy for them to implement ready-to-go solutions based on open standards," said Dominik Obermaier, CTO and co-founder of HiveMQ. "Basing the architecture on open standards allows customers to easily plug in new components when necessary, future-proofing their architecture and preventing vendor lock-in."

"Manufacturers are increasingly pressured to digitally transform to remain competitive, and the most crucial aspect of this undertaking is integrating Operational Technology (OT) with Information Technology (IT)," said Kudzai Manditereza, Developer Advocate at HiveMQ. "To facilitate scalable innovation and avoid vendor lock-in, it is imperative that manufacturers adopt open technology platforms for this kind of integration. United Manufacturing Hub understands these demands, as does HiveMQ, making this a great partnership."

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