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MQTT Innovation Awards

Celebrating MQTT Excellence and IoT Innovation

The MQTT Innovation Awards recognize the outstanding achievements of leading companies and individuals leveraging the HiveMQ platform and MQTT technology across diverse industries including energy, automotive, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, and beyond.

Showcase your success

This is your chance to share how you used the HiveMQ platform and MQTT to perform real-time monitoring, asset tracking, predictive maintenance, and other business-critical use cases. The deadline to submit is July 31, 2024.

Winners will receive:

  • Winner’s trophy

  • Exclusive winner swag package 

  • Success story to promote your organization as MQTT pioneers

  • Recognition as a leading organization for IoT excellence in the press, and on HiveMQ’s website, blog, and social networks

  • Recognition in the 25th MQTT anniversary celebration

How to enter

Fill out the form with detailed information and project results. As with any award submission, the more specific you can be, the better your chances of winning.

Note: By entering to win, you agree to our Terms including logo use and public reference to your organization.



Important dates to remember as you prepare your submission for the MQTT Innovation Awards.

Frequently Asked Questions

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