HiveMQ Media Kit

Our HiveMQ Logo

There are four official versions of the HiveMQ Logo:

1. Horizontal for bright and dark backgrounds

horizontal HiveMQ logo horizontal HiveMQ logo

2. Vertical for dark and bright backgrounds

vertical HiveMQ logo vertical HiveMQ logo

3. In some cases the logo can also be used monochrome or without typo

These examples should only be used in exceptional cases. For example on very small printing areas, as watermark etc.

vertical HiveMQ logo vertical HiveMQ logo

You can download the HiveMQ logo assets below as .png, .eps and .svg.

HiveMQ company colors

Our company colors are

R:000 / G:000 / B:000
R:192 / G:255 / B:000
R:255 / G:255 / B:255

Other HiveMQ logos

We also provide logos for all solutions we offer along with our MQTT broker

  • HiveMQ Community
  • HiveMQ Professional
  • HiveMQ Enterprise
  • HiveMQ Cloud
  • HiveMQ Kubernetes Operator
  • HiveMQ MQTT Client
  • HiveMQ Enterprise Security Extension
  • HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for Kafka
  • HiveMQ Enterprise Bridge Extension
  • HiveMQ Testcontainer

You can download all logo assets below as .png, .eps and .svg.