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You want to download all HiveMQ logos, including the complete HiveMQ product family? This archive contains all logo assets in .png, .eps and .svg format.

For an archive containing only our standard HiveMQ logo, without additional product family logos:

In some cases, for example on very small printing areas, as watermark etc., the HiveMQ logo can also be used monochrome or without typopgraphy.

HiveMQ company colors

Our company colors are

R:000 / G:000 / B:000
C: 000 / M: 000 / Y: 000 / K: 000
R:192 / G:255 / B:000
C: 000 / M: 023 / Y: 100 / K: 000
R:255 / G:255 / B:255
Pantone: white

Other HiveMQ logos

We also provide logos for all solutions we offer along with our MQTT broker