HiveMQ is a MQTT broker designed for mission-critical enterprise scenarios. While at its core, HiveMQ is a MQTT 3.1 and MQTT 3.1.1 compatible MQTT broker, HiveMQ excels with its additional features. Besides the stellar performance, HiveMQ is the leading innovator among MQTT brokers and is improving businesses that rely on MQTT day-to-day. See for yourself which features HiveMQ supports:

Best-in-class performance

HiveMQs stellar performance allows real-time communication between apps and devices. Incredible message throughput and sub-millisecond latency are key characteristics of HiveMQ.

Elastic Clustering

Can’t afford outages? Need to scale up and down quickly? HiveMQ has you covered with elastic broker clustering and High-Availability clusters for maximum reliability.

Enterprise Grade Security

HiveMQ is built with state of the art security support. TLS encryption is as well supported as advanced authentication and authorization mechanisms. Use X509 client certificates or integrate your very own security providers.


Enterprise MQTT projects never start with a green field. Use off-the-shelf plugins, develop your own extensions or use HiveMQ Enterprise Integrations. HiveMQ is the most extendible MQTT broker.


Use MQTT on your web pages for real-time push. HiveMQ does the heavy lifting and you can integrate websites with websockets in minutes.

100% MQTT Compliant

HiveMQ supports 100% of all MQTT versions (3.1 and 3.1.1) and the HiveMQ Team is in involved in creating new MQTT standards at OASIS.


HiveMQ runs on every major operating system like Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Deploy HiveMQ to cloud providers like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud in minutes.

by Operation Teams

HiveMQ is loved by operation teams worldwide for its easy installation, extensive and extendible monitoring capabilities and in-depth documentation.

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