HiveMQ is a MQTT broker designed for mission-critical enterprise scenarios. While at its core, HiveMQ is a MQTT 3.1 and MQTT 3.1.1 compatible MQTT broker, HiveMQ excels with its additional features. Besides the stellar performance, HiveMQ is the leading innovator among MQTT brokers and is improving businesses that rely on MQTT day-to-day. See for yourself which features HiveMQ supports:

Elastic Clustering

HiveMQ is designed with a true distributed and masterless cluster architecture, which means there is no single point of failure and the cluster can grow and shrink at runtime without losing data or trading availability.

Best-in-class perfomance

HiveMQ instances scale with the underlying hardware. The non-blocking and multi-threaded approach allows scaling to hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections with extreme message throughput with minimal latency.

Web UI
Modern Web UI

HiveMQ provides a powerful and modern dashboard to give you a complete overview of the broker cluster and the health of the brokers as well as the most important monitoring metrics. The Web UI offers monitoring, observability and advanced administrative actions.

Deploy Everywhere

HiveMQ runs without any complex installation routines and works on Linux, Windows and OS X. Deploy HiveMQ with ease on server hardware, Virtual Machines or Containers in your private, hybrid or public cloud.

Enterprise-grade security

HiveMQ is built with state of the art security support. TLS encryption is as well supported as advances authentification and authorization mechanismus. Use X509 client certificates or integrate your very own security providers.

New Plugin System Features
Java based plugin system

Beside off-the-shelf plugins and Enterprise integrations, HiveMQ allows hooking into virutally every aspect of the Broker and MQTT logic to cover your project’s use case.

Holistic Monitoring

The holistic monitoring approach allows adding custom metrics easily to the 190+ built-in metrics. All metrics can be exposed effortlessly to your monitoring systems.

100% MQTT Compliant

HiveMQ supports all features of the MQTT 3.1 and MQTT 3.1.1 specification with 100% specification compliance. Different MQTT versions can be used simultaneously and full interoperable.

Time To Live Functionality

HiveMQ implements a TTL for publish messages and persistent sessions even before they are officially in the MQTT standard. Even beyond the upcoming MQTT v5 retained message TTL are supported as well.

Trace Recordings
Trace Recordings

Knowing what’s going on inside the broker is important when debugging, HiveMQ’s new trace recordings allow you to see detailed logs of all interaction of certain clients with the broker and apply filters.

Analysis and Observability

Get instant insights on the health and condition of your MQTT deployment with advanced analysis capabilities like understanding why messages are dropped or other important events that might require your attention.

Shared Subscriptions

You need a wildcard subscriber for your backend? HiveMQ supports Shared Subscriptions, which allows to distribute the load of one group subscription to multiple subscribers.

by Operation Teams

HiveMQ is loved by operation teams worldwide for its easy installation, extensive and extendible monitoring capabilities and in-depth documentation.


HiveMQ runs on every major operating system like Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Deploy HiveMQ to cloud providers like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud in minutes.

Native Websockets

HiveMQ was one of the pioneers for bringing MQTT to the web. Modern web applications profit from MQTT over websockets by bringing the event-driven and real-time MQTT push communication paradigm to the browser.

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