HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for PostgreSQL

Category: Data Integration
Version: Bundled with HiveMQ   |   License: Commercial
Provider: HiveMQ    |   Verified: yes

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About this Extension

With this extension, organizations can integrate MQTT data with PostgreSQL for storage and data analysis. The extension guarantees data security with TLS encryption and features a fully-customizable MQTT message template. Easily format MQTT data simply by using the ‘insert’ command.

Why use PostgreSQL for MQTT data?

PostgreSQL is a powerful open-source relational database management system known for its scalability, flexibility, and extensive feature set. Our extension allows seamless MQTT data integration with PostgreSQL and enables a reliable foundation for storing, analyzing, and deriving valuable insights from MQTT data.

Compatible with Timescale Time-series Database:

TimeScale is a leading open-source time-series database built on top of PostgreSQL, providing specialized capabilities for handling time-series data. The HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for PostgreSQL enables seamless integration of MQTT data with TimeScale. Efficiently store, process, and analyze time-stamped data and extract actionable insights to make data-driven decisions and enhance operational efficiency in energy, manufacturing, and more.

Compatible with CockroachDB Database:

The HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for PostgreSQL enables effortless integration of MQTT data with CockroachDB — an open-source distributed SQL database. It has the ability to handle large-scale deployments, provide strong consistency guarantees, and geo-replication capabilities make it suitable for storing and analyzing MQTT data in real-time IoT applications.

Here’s what is enabled by this extension in PostgreSQL:

Customize MQTT messages for PostgreSQL

  • With the fully customizable templating system in this extension, you can define the exact format of MQTT messages that PostgreSQL ingests.
  • Optimize the formatting for efficient data querying and quick analysis.
Data querying and analysis
Real-time Data Analytics with PostgreSQL

Real-time Data Analytics for Time-sensitive Responses

  • Perform real-time analytics on incoming data and trigger automated alerts based on specific data conditions.
    • For example, collect sensor data and automatically halt production when a critical parameter, such as temperature or pressure, exceeds predefined thresholds.

Asset Tracking and Management:

  • Leverage PostgreSQL's geospatial capabilities to manage and analyze asset movements based on stored data.
  • Implement efficient queries to retrieve real-time asset information.
Asset Tracking and Management with PostgreSQL
Energy Management with PostgrSQL

Energy Management and Optimization

  • Leverage PostgreSQL's time-series capabilities to analyze historical energy consumption data.
    • For example, you can Identify peak demand periods, optimize power distribution, and implement load-balancing strategies to maximize energy efficiency and minimize costs.

Real-time Vehicle Diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance

  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of vehicle diagnostics data for connected cars enables proactive maintenance and minimizes downtime.
    • For example, a rental car company that operates a fleet of electric vehicles can store and analyze data from the vehicles (e.g. battery status, charging patterns, and energy consumption).
    • With PostgreSQL, they can optimize charging schedules, monitor vehicle health in real time, and predict maintenance needs.
Real-time diagnostics and predictive maintenance

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