Heartbeat Extension

Loadbalancer Health Check Extension

Purpose: Monitoring
Version: 1.0.2    |   License: Apache v2
Provider: HiveMQ    |   Verified: yes


The HiveMQ Heartbeat Extension allows seamless integration of HiveMQ with load balancers and proxies, by creating an HTTP endpoint that can be used for health checks.


Installing the extension for HiveMQ is very easy:

  1. Unzip the downloaded zip file
  2. In the folder hivemq-heartbeat-extension, modify the extension-config.xml file to fit your needs. The file is pre-configured with sensible default values.
  3. Copy the folder hivemq-heartbeat-extension to your [HIVEMQ_HOME]/extensions folder
  4. Done


The HiveMQ Heartbeat extension uses its own configuration file extension-config.xml, which needs to be present in the hivemq-heartbeat-extension folder.

General Configuration

Config name Required Description Default
<port> no The port on which the heartbeat HTTP service should listen. 9090
<bindAddress> yes The bind address of the heartbeat HTTP service.
<path> no The Path where the heartbeat HTTP service is located. /heartbeat

Example Configuration

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

By default the heartbeat is available at http://MY-IP:9090/heartbeat


The extension exposes a custom metric to HiveMQ’s holistic metric registry.

Metric name Type Description
http-heartbeat-meter Meter A meter that shows the frequency of heartbeat requests.

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