HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for Google Pub/Sub

Data Integration

Purpose: Data Integration
Version: 4.9    |   License: Commercial
Provider: HiveMQ    |   Verified: yes

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About the Extension

The Google Pub/Sub Extension seamlessly integrates HiveMQ’s full-featured MQTT platform with the Google Cloud Platform. Here’s what you can do with this Extension:

Send Data Directly to Google Cloud

Use HiveMQ’s Broker and the Google Pub/Sub Extension to send data directly to the Google Cloud, circumventing Google IoT Core.

HiveMQ Extension for Google Pub Sub
Bi-directional data transfer

Bi-Directional Data Transformation via SDK

HiveMQ’s Extensions SDK helps transform data bi-directionally to meet the specific needs of IoT applications.

Authenticate and Integrate Multiple Projects

Authenticate using Google Cloud’s Service Accounts or WIF tokens and integrate multiple Google Cloud projects.

Authentication for Google Pub Sub

Flexibility: Future-Proof your IoT Environment

  • Adopt a platform-agnostic solution that works with multiple vendors.
  • Get much-needed flexibility by eliminating the dependency on Google IoT Core.

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