HiveMQ Distributed Tracing Extension

Category: Data Monitoring / Troubleshooting
Version: Bundled with HiveMQ   |   License: Commercial
Provider: HiveMQ    |   Verified: yes

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About this extension

IoT Observability is a method to trace events throughout multiple, complex IoT systems. This extension allows you to get a high-level overview of the journey of requested data, without taking a deep dive into complex individual systems.

Distributed Tracing Extension Diagram

Distributed Tracing helps troubleshooters know where they should start looking when an issue occurs. For instance, imagine if it takes over 5 seconds to unlock a car door, there is clearly something that is causing a delay in the system.

Where did the trouble begin, did it cause other issues, and what was the knock-on effect?

Here’s what you can do with this extension:

Trace & Debug IoT Data in Real-Time

Trace MQTT data in real-time in your compatible Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution thanks to HiveMQ’s OpenTelemetry integration.

Watch how HiveMQ Distributed Tracing Extension helps trace MQTT data end-to-end & in real-time.
Real Flexibility

Get Real Flexibility & Freedom to Choose

  • Send MQTT data to all major APM and analytics solutions with HiveMQ’s highly flexible native support for OpenTelemetry.
  • Choose the most suitable solution to monitor and observe your IoT applications without restriction.

Minimize Resolution Time

Detect problems quickly by tracing data in real-time, minimize your resolution time, and create a better customer experience.

Minimize resolution time
IoT Application Improvement

Proactive IoT Application Improvement

Quickly observe and identify opportunities to improve your IoT applications, making them more productive and resilient.

Unlock the True Value of Your APM solutions

  • Eliminate blind spots around your MQTT broker and identify root causes with end-to-end data visibility.
  • Bring standardized, contextual information to your APM solution with deeper MQTT broker integration, giving you better application observability.
Unlock the true value

Try HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for Distributed Tracing

Download the latest version of the HiveMQ platform, which contains an evaluation version of this extension. The evaluation version is limited to a 5-hour operating window. You can reset this window by restarting the HiveMQ broker each time.
For the production version of this extension, please contact our sales team.

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