HiveMQ Enterprise Integration for CockroachDB

Category: Data Integration
Version: Bundled with HiveMQ   |   License: Commercial
Provider: HiveMQ    |   Verified: yes

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About the Integration with CockroachDB

The HiveMQ Enterprise Extension for PostgreSQL enables effortless integration of MQTT data with CockroachDB — an open-source distributed SQL database. It has the ability to handle large-scale deployments, provide strong consistency guarantees, and geo-replication capabilities make it suitable for storing and analyzing MQTT data in real-time IoT applications. This integration is secured by TLS.

Why use CockroachDB for MQTT data in IoT environments?

CockroachDB’s compatibility with PostgreSQL enables seamless integration with existing tools and applications. With its ability to handle large-scale workloads and support for real-time analytics, CockroachDB allows for efficient storage, querying, and analysis of MQTT data. Finally, its distributed architecture ensures high availability, fault tolerance, and global scalability, making it an ideal choice for building resilient and scalable IoT systems.

Here’s what the PostgreSQL extension for data integration with CockroachDB enables for IoT:

Edge Computing and Offline Mode:

  • CockroachDB can be deployed in an edge environment to store MQTT data locally.
  • In the case of an outage, the data can be synchronized with the central database when connectivity is restored.
  • The offline mode functionality allows IoT devices to operate seamlessly in intermittent network conditions like connected cars or equipment monitoring use cases.
Edge Computing
Data storage and Persistence

Data Storage and Persistence

  • Get a reliable and durable storage solution for MQTT data ensuring data is safely persisted and replicated across multiple nodes in the cluster.
  • This makes it suitable for scenarios where historical MQTT data needs to be stored for compliance, auditing, or long-term analysis purposes.

Real-Time Analytics:

  • Store MQTT data and enable real-time analytics on incoming sensor readings, telemetry, or event data.
  • Run SQL queries on the data, perform aggregations, compute statistics, and generate insights in real-time.
  • Monitor and optimize IoT systems, detect anomalies, and trigger actions based on real-time analysis.
Real-time Data Analytics with CockroachDB
Predictive machine maintenance using MQTT data

High-Availability for IoT Systems:

  • CockroachDB automatically replicates data across multiple nodes, allowing for seamless failover in case of node failures.
  • This feature is critical in IoT applications where continuous data availability is necessary for real-time monitoring, control, and decision-making.

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