HiveMQ AWS CloudWatch Extension

Integration Extension

Purpose: Monitoring
Version: 1.0.0    |   License: Apache V2
Provider: HiveMQ    |   Verified: yes

This HiveMQ Extension allows HiveMQ to report its metrics to AWS CloudWatch.

It is possible to send every HiveMQ metric to CloudWatch. Every metric which should be reported must be configured explicitly to reduce the costs, since CloudWatch can be expensive if you publish too much (unnecessary) data.

Caution: AWS CloudWatch costs

AWS CloudWatch metrics can be very expensive. So please make sure you really want to report the specified metrics. You can find the full AWS pricing here.

At the time of writing the AWS prices are the following:


Extension Configuration

The CloudWatch extension can be configured inside the ‘extension-config.xml’ file.

The following properties are available:

Property Description
report-interval A value in minutes which sets the reporting interval (defaults to 1 minute)
api-timeout The api call and api attempt timeout in ms. (If not set defaults to AWS SDK default)
metric enabled=”{true/false}” a metric name (from a list of metrics) which should be reported to CloudWatch

Example Configuration

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
        <metric enabled="false"></metric>

A list of all available metrics can be found on the HiveMQ Documentation here at HiveMQ Metrics

AWS CloudWatch Configuration

The extension needs permission to be able to publish metrics to AWS CloudWatch. Simply create an AWS IAM Role with a custom Policy that grants the CloudWatch:PutMetricData Permission and apply it to the HiveMQ instance.

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