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Cloud Native IoT Messaging


Simplified Device to Cloud Bi-Directional Communication

HiveMQ Cloud is a fully managed MQTT platform that connects IoT devices to any IoT cloud platform. Finally, a cloud native IoT messaging platform that simplifies reliable and scalable IoT device connectivity.

HiveMQ Cloud Delivers

Fully Managed MQTT Cloud Platform

HiveMQ Cloud provides a fully managed MQTT cloud platform that requires no installation or management. One click to create an MQTT cloud-broker cluster and you are ready to connect your IoT devices.

Automatic Scalability and Reliability

HiveMQ Cloud is a cloud native IoT messaging platform that automatically scales to meet the demands of your devices. Our unique clustering technology ensures high availability and reliability for all IoT devices.

Dedicated Infrastructure

HiveMQ Cloud runs in a dedicated infrastructure on AWS. Support for Azure and GCP is coming soon.

Built for Production

On day 1 HiveMQ Cloud is built for production. Each cluster is automatically deployed on dedicated infrastructure and replicated across 3 different data centers. Enterprise security is setup by default requiring TLS communication and device authentication and authorization. HiveMQ also provides 7 / 24 support for all HiveMQ Cloud customers.

Observability for IoT devices

Each HiveMQ Cloud cluster can be monitored with the HiveMQ Control Center providing administrators visibility and observability into the MQTT cloud server cluster and the MQTT client connections.

Connect Once; Integrate Everywhere

HiveMQ Cloud connects IoT devices to major cloud services, such as Confluent Cloud. We make it easy to integrate MQTT data with native cloud services, like cloud databases, machine learning, analytics, etc. We are 100% compliant to the MQTT specification so you avoid any vendor lock-in. In the future, we will connect with cloud services from AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.

Let the Pros Run Your MQTT Broker

HiveMQ Cloud is operated by professionals who have years of experience deploying and managing large scale mission critical MQTT broker clusters. Reduce your risk of operation by investing in HiveMQ Cloud.

Predictable Pricing

We want to make pricing as predictable as possible, so our packages have only one hourly price.


Ideal for getting started and small use cases

  • 7 day free trial
  • Fully managed & dedicated infrastructure
  • Connect up to 10,000 IoT devices
  • 100 GB of data traffic per month included
  • Single node instance of HiveMQ broker
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Basic support
  • $ 1.50 / Hour

Business Critical

For business-critical use cases requiring high availability

  • Fully managed & dedicated infrastructure
  • Connect up to 250,000 IoT devices
  • 1 TB of data traffic per month included
  • 3 node cluster of HiveMQ broker
  • 99.99% uptime
  • 24 / 7 support
  • Automatic clustering and high availability
  • $ 7.50 / Hour

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