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HiveMQ 4.8.11 Maintenance Release

by HiveMQ Team
1 min read

The HiveMQ team is pleased to announce the availability of HiveMQ 4.8.11.

This maintenance release for the 4.8 series includes the following improvements:

HiveMQ Enterprise MQTT Broker

  • Fixed an issue that could significantly increase the duration of cluster merges in clusters that have a large number of nodes.
  • Improved vector clock layouts to reduce memory consumption per connected client.
  • Added metric to track the total execution time of single writer tasks.
  • Fixed a rare condition that could cause a QoS 0 packet with no message payload to drop when a system is under high load.
  • Trimmed memory usage when a node that has a large number of connected clients leaves a cluster.
  • Added metrics to measure the largest single writer queue sizes and help identify whether the load is evenly distributed across all available CPUs.

HiveMQ Enterprise Security Extension

  • Updated PostgreSQL driver download links to reflect the latest JDBC versions.
  • Removed invalid allow-all authentication/authorization manager configuration options from the control center pipelines.

HiveMQ Swarm

  • Improved feedback for payload generator exceptions that occur during Last Will or Publish payload generation.

Have a great day, The HiveMQ Team

HiveMQ Team

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