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Anglian Water Improves IT and OT Integration by Building a UNS with HiveMQ

Anglian Water


What do they do?

  • Largest water and water recycling company in the UK


  • Improve customer service, environmental performance, and operational efficiency
  • Bring disparate data into a single source of truth


  • Using HiveMQ to collect MQTT data
  • Building a Unified Namespace (UNS) on top of MQTT to create a single source of truth for data


  • Better insight into asset performance
  • Improved integration between IT and OT environments
  • Maintained a high level of security

Accelerating Time to Insights to Improve Asset Performance

Anglian Water, the largest geographical water and water recycling company in the UK, helps handle challenges such as flooding, climate change, and growth. In pursuit of its long-term digital transformation plan, which includes Internet of Things (IoT) and Digital Twin technologies, the company turned to HiveMQ.  

To become a connected, data-driven, and smart business, the team at Anglian Water needs to consolidate diverse data sources into a single source of truth for better analysis and insights. Anglian Water chose HiveMQ because of its high resilience, low data loss, and strong support. The platform has already facilitated the integration of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) environments, providing valuable insights into asset performance.

The ease of delivering HiveMQ and the functionality offered has enabled us to make good and fast progress. We're collecting data through MQTT and through HiveMQ and the data that we do have so far has provided insight into our asset performance that we've not seen before.

Dan Bunting Lead Platform Architect, Anglian Water

HiveMQ's impact on Anglian Water's business is highlighted in the early stages of strategy implementation, showing ease of delivery, improved data integration, and accelerated progress toward goals. The Unified Namespace (UNS) approach adopted with HiveMQ's support allows for standardized data formats, paving the way for advanced analytics and machine learning. Looking to the future, Anglian Water hopes to collaborate with HiveMQ to drive industry standards around MQTT, enhancing efficiency and data management across the water sector.

Hear the full story from the amazing team at Anglian Water in the debut video of our new program, Set Up to Scale: HiveMQ’s Customer Voice Series.

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