UNS, ISA95 and MQTT Sparkplug in Industry 4.0

How does Unified Namespace (UNS), ISA95 and MQTT Sparkplug work together to implement Industry 4.0

author Ian Skerrett

Written by Ian Skerrett

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Published: March 8, 2022

There are a lot of new and old technologies being used to implement Industry 4.0 projects. Three technologies that I have seen used repeatedly are: UNS (Unified Namespace), ISA95 and MQTT Sparkplug. These technologies are not mutually exclusive and are in fact used together to solve many of the data integration challenges typically found in Industry 4.0 projects.

How these technologies can be used together is less clear. This is why I am thrilled that we have recently published a new white paper to explain how you can use UNS, ISA95 and MQTT Sparkplug to implement Industry 4.0 projects.

We will also be hosting a webinar on March 30 about the same topic. Check out the details here.

author Ian Skerrett

About Ian Skerrett

Ian was Vice President of Marketing for HiveMQ until September 2022.

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