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Testing the Scalability of a Robust IoT System With Confidence

by HiveMQ Team
3 min read

Discovering scalability constraints of connected IoT devices before production is challenging – especially in a massively distributed, ever-changing environment. Unlike application testing scenarios, IoT testing scenarios are difficult to replicate and simulate as IoT devices show multiple complex behavioural patterns.

HiveMQ Swarm IoT Testing tool solves the very challenge of testing the performance, scalability, and reliability of IoT solutions that use MQTT as its messaging backbone. With HiveMQ Swarm, you can confidently identify constraints in your IoT system before it is deployed into production.

To showcase the capabilities of HiveMQ Swarm, we organized a webinar Testing the Scalability of a Robust IoT System With Confidence. During the webinar, Ian Skerrett discussed why IoT testing is important and what are the challenges of IoT testing. Ian also introduced the powerful features of HiveMQ Swarm. Further in the session, Yannick Weber presented a live demo on how enterprises can leverage the tool in real use case scenarios.

Download the Webinar Presentation

With the help of a live demo in the webinar, you can:

  • Gain a better understanding of the capacity limitations of your production-ready IoT systems.

  • Learn how to scale the resources available to each cluster as the overall IoT load increases, and make the IoT system more stable for production.

  • Discover how to use HiveMQ Swarm to accurately forecast capacity with insightful visualizations built using Grafana.

Watch the video now!

  • 10:22 - Distributed IoT testing and Simulation.
  • 11:08 - Swarm Lifecycle.
  • 11:26 - Demo.
  • 18:41 - What do you mean by incoming publishing vs. outgoing publishing?
  • 22:23 - A client that is outgoing publishing must have a different client to get to the message because that is what you call incoming publish. So when you say ten thousand connections, are each of them half for publishing and half for subscribing or ten thousand to both?
  • 32:20 - Could we have a scenario where clients are publishing and then another set of clients would be subscribing?
  • 34:56 - A question on TLS Search Certificate, so do you have enabled TLS on these client connections or can that be enabled?
  • 36:00 - Does the size of Payload matters in the scenario where you are testing?
  • 37:59 - Is there any gateway adaptor API involved. If yes, will it affect the performance?
  • 38:44 - Is Swarm simulating kind of TCP resources?
  • 40:47 - Is it possible to cancel scenario and does that lead to other disconnect clients?
  • 41:41 - Does Yannick have an experience of how large of a scenario kind of a test simulation people are running and which is the largest he has seen?
  • 46:24 - If you don't have enough resources available for the broker to scale up to this level, what would we see?

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