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Surveying the Impact of MQTT on IoT

by Brian Gilmore
5 min read

As we approach the 25th anniversary of MQTT, we are excited to launch a new survey aimed at understanding its role and impact in the modern IoT landscape. This initiative is part of our ongoing campaign to highlight the significance of MQTT in driving innovation and efficiency within IoT teams across various industries.

Why Your Answers Matter

Our objective is to gather compelling social proof and statistics demonstrating the widespread adoption of MQTT and underscore its effectiveness. The insights gained will help us all celebrate the pivotal role of MQTT in the IoT ecosystem and learn from our peers and community. 

Survey Details

Whether you're a decision-maker, an influencer, or simply keen on IoT innovations, your input is invaluable. Here’s just a part of what we aim to uncover:

  • Industry Adoption: How prevalent is MQTT across different industries and what are its most trusted features in terms of availability, performance, and security?

  • Impact on Development: We're exploring claims that relate to MQTT's impact on development and innovation. How does MQTT affect your development timelines?

  • Integration with AI and ML: As many teams integrate advanced and emerging technologies, we're curious about your plans or ongoing projects leveraging MQTT alongside AI and ML.

  • Business Benefits and Cost Savings: MQTT's role in driving cost efficiency is well documented, but we want to quantify this impact. How has MQTT financially benefited your organization?

  • Personal Experiences: From your personal perspective, how do you feel about working with MQTT? What challenges does it solve, and how could it be improved within your workflow?

Your Response Matters!

By responding to this survey, you not only contribute to a broader understanding of MQTT's impact but also influence future developments and enhancements in this technology. Share your experiences and help shape the future of IoT!

How to Get Involved

The survey consists of detailed questions ranging from demographic information, industry specifics, and personal job roles, to detailed queries about your use and experience with MQTT. Your answers will help craft a narrative that’s not only reflective of current trends but also insightful for predictions and advancements in IoT applications.

To participate, click the button below to access the form.

Complete the Survey

Do you have friends, peers, and colleagues that use MQTT? Please share the survey with them as well.

We look forward to your answers and are excited to share the findings with the community to highlight the success and innovation powered by MQTT.

Brian Gilmore

Brian Gilmore is VP of Community & Advocacy at HiveMQ. He has spent the past decade driving global initiatives to unify industrial and enterprise IoT with transformative technologies like machine learning and cloud. In leadership roles at InfluxData and Splunk, he led advanced IoT integration projects and cultivated developer relations and communities.

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