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HiveMQ - MQTT Message Log Plugin

by HiveMQ Team
2 min read

A few days ago we released a new HiveMQ plugin called MQTT Message Log. This plugin logs events with HiveMQs standard log mechanism. This is great for debugging purposes, as you will see any relevant client actions right in your terminal window where you started HiveMQ (or in HiveMQs log file).

The following events are logged:

  • A client connects to HiveMQ

  • A client sends a publish message

  • A client subscribes to a topic

  • A client unsubscribes from a topic

  • A client disconnects from HiveMQ


You can download the plugin here. There is no configuration needed, just drop the .jar file into your /plugins folder of your HiveMQ installation.

If you are on a Mac OSX machine, you can use homebrew to install the plugin instead:

brew install hivemq-mqtt-message-log

Source Code

The source code is available here on Github. Let us know in the comments what you think about the plugin!

The HiveMQ Team

HiveMQ Team

The HiveMQ team loves writing about MQTT, Sparkplug, Industrial IoT, protocols, how to deploy our platform, and more. We focus on industries ranging from energy, to transportation and logistics, to automotive manufacturing. Our experts are here to help, contact us with any questions.

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