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HiveMQ and Vodafone Making Our Roads Safer with 5G and MQTT-Powered V2X Services

by HiveMQ Team
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A World Health Organization (WHO) article reports that approximately 1.3 million people die each year due to road traffic crashes. Undoubtedly, road safety is one of the pressing issues around the world. While the number of road accident deaths may seem staggering, thereโ€™s a ray of hope that futuristic technology like Vehicle-2-Everything (V2X), powered by 5G networks, can bring down such fatalities.

The successful roll-out of V2X services over 5G that improve road safety is heavily dependent on the speed, efficiency, reliability and availability of the messaging platform. MQTT can play a major role in the success of roll-out of V2X services over 5G.

For this reason, HiveMQ is very happy to be collaborating with Vodafone on the rollout of their MQTT services for their 5G network. To discuss the details, we organized a webinar The Future of V2X and Road Safety with 5G and MQTT. Do watch the webinar recording.

During the webinar, Dominik Obermaier, HiveMQ CTO and Co-Founder and Dr. Guido Gehlen, Heading IoT Automotive and 5G Strategy & Innovation, Vodafone, discussed how new innovative technology based on 5G and MQTT will revolutionize road safety. You can download the presentation of the webinar with Vodafone now.

Download the Webinar Presentation

Implementing V2X over 5G comes with its own share of challenges at the application level. Some of these challenges include real-time data movement with low latency, transmission of large amounts of data between the vehicle and the infra, supporting simultaneous interactions of tens of thousands of vehicle to infrastructure communication, having seamless fan-in / fan-out communication, etc. However, MQTT can help address these challenges. To know more how MQTT can resolve application level challenges while implementing V2X over 5G, read our blog post How 5G and MQTT Accelerate Vehicle-2-Everything (V2X) Adoption.

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