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HiveMQ Moves to a New Release Cadence

by HiveMQ Team
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  • HiveMQ now ships a new version of the platform every month

  • Each monthly release includes a mix of major and minor features

  • HiveMQ customers gain access to the latest features faster

What’s changing

Starting with HiveMQ 4.10, feature releases for the HiveMQ Enterprise MQTT Platform take on a monthly tempo. Besides regular maintenance releases, HiveMQ now offers smaller, more frequent feature releases.

How it works

Our expert developers continuously test and improve the HiveMQ platform. The increased product velocity allows us to refine our features and functionality, make improvements, and include them in a major release quickly. While upgrading gives you immediate access to the most current HiveMQ features, you have the freedom to select when to upgrade.

Choose the HiveMQ release type that is right for you:

  1. Rolling releases: Offered monthly with a combination of new features and maintenance releases.

  2. LTS (Long Term Support) releases: Offered every 18 months and requires customers to upgrade from the previous LTS

Note: At the time of writing this post, HiveMQ 4.9 is the current LTS version of the HiveMQ platform.

How it helps

Shorter release cycles help you benefit from new functionality as soon as possible. Our new rapid software release cycle enhances our ability to respond to your feedback and swiftly adapt to market needs.


  • How do I know which release is an LTS?

The releases will follow this convention outlined below:

Type Version Name
HiveMQ Release 4.x
HiveMQ LTS Release 4.x.0-LTS
HiveMQ LTS Maintenance Release 4.x.y-LTS

Note: The “4” in the version name column is an example and this number can change in the future

  • When a new release is announced, is the previous LTS release automatically deprecated?

Yes. HiveMQ Support or Customer Success teams will notify you when the previous LTS will be deprecated. For the purpose of planning, expect a six months overlap between the previous LTS release and the new LTS release.

  • Can a HiveMQ cluster contain brokers with both the LTS and Rolling release?

We recommend all brokers in the cluster to be on the same release. It’s only during version updates where LTS and a rolling release might co-exist.

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