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The Reviews Are In: Customers Rave About HiveMQ’s Support and Performance

by Ashley Lozito
8 min read

At HiveMQ, we thrive on customer inputs in order to ensure that our platform delivers business values and ease of use. In the fast-paced world of IoT and IIoT, reliability and responsive service are paramount for industries that need zero downtime and high performance. With HiveMQ, it's not just about delivering secure, scalable MQTT technology but also about ensuring that every user experience exceeds expectations. We have recently received accolades from customers on G2, along with formal badge recognition in a few categories.

About G2 Reviews

G2 is a leading software review marketplace used by over 60 million people, helping businesses and professionals find software and digital solutions that best fit their needs. G2 helps users make better decisions by providing ratings, reviews, and market trends for products and services. This data lets them compare different options and choose the one that best suits their needs. 

With their authenticated peer reviews, G2 enables software buyers and professionals to make data-driven decisions when selecting the best solution for their business. A G2 Badge is a symbol of excellence for a company, proving they have consistently demonstrated exceptional quality and service compared to their competitors. Ultimately, G2 is an essential tool for businesses, ensuring they are making the wisest investment every time.

In Spring 2024, HiveMQ earned the following badges:

  1. Users Love Us | Enterprise IoT Management Category

  2. High Performer | Enterprise IoT Management Category 

  3. Easiest To Do Business With Enterprise | IoT Management Category 

  4. Leader | IoT Management Category 

  5. Leader | MQ Category 

  6. Best Support 

HiveMQ G2 Spring 2024 reviewsLet’s take a look at a few of those badges and the feedback that our customers shared to help us receive them.

Best Support

Best Support badges are awarded to the Highest Quality of Support product in the Relationship Index. HiveMQ’s dedicated team members are always ready to go the extra mile to help our customers use our platform to achieve their business goals.

This rating is based on feedback from customers like Eugene T., infrastructure development manager at Netstar.

When asked, “what do you like best about HiveMQ?”, Eugene wrote:

“The way they engage with you, Customer support is outstanding” 

Read the full review

Easiest to do Business With - Enterprise

This badge recognizes companies that make doing business easy, with high customer satisfaction ratings and quickly fulfilled requests. HiveMQ strives to make the onboarding process as frictionless as possible with expert guidance, documentation, and a thriving community ready to help. 

This was particularly useful for our customer Kelly W. at Reality Capture and Digital Twin Consulting. When asked, “What do you like best about HiveMQ?”, Kelly replied:

Their team is super supportive and extremely sharp. They support the digital journey and remove obstacles while supporting the path we are looking to take. It's been a pleasure working with them and I am happy to recommend. Very pleased with their connectors to Snowflake, Kafka, SparkPlugB, and their SWARM simulation tool. Looking forward to construction of a UNS using HiveMQ and also leveraging their edge broker.”

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High Performer

Companies with a "High-Performer" badge from G2 have scored high in customer satisfaction across one or more categories. This means the world to our team as customer-obsession is a top priority for all aspects of our business.

For customers like Gaurang S, Assistant Manager, this relates to his experience using our platform. When asked, “what problems is HiveMQ solving and how is that benefiting you?”, Gaurang shared four big benefits:

  1. Data movement from iot devices to other source systems is easy with help of hiveMQ MQTT broker .

  2. Easy for cloud native tech stackikf Kuberntes.

  3. It reduces total cost of operation.

  4. Easy to integrate with Kafka , SQL & no SQL dbs .

Read the full review.

We Love to Hear Customer Feedback

The resounding praise for HiveMQ's performance and customer support on G2 is a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to excellence. By prioritizing reliability, innovation, and personalized service, HiveMQ has established itself as a trusted partner in the IoT landscape. As we've seen through the testimonials and reviews, users consistently highlight the platform's robustness, scalability, and the responsiveness of the support team. Whether you're a seasoned IoT professional or just beginning your journey, HiveMQ stands ready to empower your projects and drive success. As the industry evolves, HiveMQ remains at the forefront, continuously raising the bar for what users can expect from an MQTT platform

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Ashley Lozito

Ashley Lozito is a corporate marketing professional with 15 years of experience amplifying brand stories and helping B2B buyers convert. Her work for high-growth tech organizations has been featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, VentureBeat and more. She's helping to build HiveMQ’s brand story and thus helping enterprises leverage IoT, IIoT and MQTT to transform their businesses.

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