HiveMQ Edge 2023.9 is Released

HiveMQ Edge 2023.9 is Released

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Published: December 20, 2023

What’s new in HiveMQ Edge 2023.9

HiveMQ Edge is a gateway that utilizes an edge-optimized MQTT broker to connect multiple endpoints and streamline your operations seamlessly. By standardizing edge data and providing support for a diverse array of IT/OT connections, this software offers a scalable and flexible solution for directing data into your core infrastructure.

HiveMQ consistently incorporates user feedback to enhance their product and introduce new features.

Discover the latest release updates below.


HiveMQ Edge’s internal notifications are now accessible from the web application. On the main navigation panel, you will now see a new button (notification bell) that indicates whether you have new notifications waiting for your attention.

HiveMQ Edge Notifications

How it works

Clicking on the notification button immediately displays the relevant notifications, as “popup” messages listed in the top-right-hand corner of the web application. The type of notifications will vary from your usage and installation but will be labeled by severity (e.g. warning, error) and contain a description to allow you to act on them.

How it helps

The notifications system covers the operation of your HiveMQ Edge installation and will indicate sources of problems or concerns. As of version 2023.9, notifications are still limited to a handful of verifications (e.g. upgrade of the system available, credentials to change), but will be extended as the software functionalities expand.

Workspace: Metrics and Adapter Grouping

Since it was introduced with version 2023.5, the HiveMQ Edge Workspace has always been anticipated to be a central operation management tool for the edge topology.

We are very pleased to announce the introduction of two new features that support this aim: adapter grouping and extended observability

HiveMQ Edge Workspace Grouping

How it works

Every adapter connection created in HiveMQ Edge is visible on the Workspace page of the web application, where its connections with the broker and other elements of your topology are visualized. The view is interactive and you can access adapters or their link to the Edge, to access their status and a summary of their activity by way of a customisable reporting tool.

You are now able to group several adapters to create a new context. Be it related to geographical location or related to a particular sensor data workflow that’s relevant to your system.

Beyond the visual effect of organizing your adapters on the Workspace, grouping also allows you to observe this specific context in detail. The reporting tool now offers charts to combine and visualize the metrics associated with every adapter in the group.

HiveMQ Edge Workspace Metrics

How it helps

The grouping of adapters introduced in this version of HiveMQ Edge is a great way to visualize complex scenarios where elements of the topology could be grouped for the formation of a context in which to observe and monitor a subset of connected devices (through their adapter connections).

Additional Features and Improvements

  • We changed the default settings from immutable to mutable configuration. For more information, please read Mutable-And-Immutable-Configuration
  • Promotes the protocol adapters S7 and ADS from alpha to general availability.

You can find more information about and download the release on the GitHub release page.


  • Avoid copying the array of TurboFilters for each call of any method of the loggers by @A-Imal in #181
  • [1429] A failed CONNACK should be sent, when a CONNECT packet exceed the max packet size by @tgracchus in #170
  • Test-Fix: OpcUaProtocolAdapterAuthTest now handles async update of ConnectionStatus correctly by @DC2-DanielKrueger in #185
  • Adds intro video of HiveMQ Edge as simple screencast by @sfrehse in #189
  • feat(17596) - PLC4X threading, S7 connection, ADS adapter, Http Untrusted SSL by @simon622 in #190
  • CI / fix cypress binaries by @h2xd in #183
  • fix(16319): Fix the colour of the links’ border in the navigation panel by @vanch3d in #194
  • fix(17493): Fix the alignment of the column’s headers in the paginated table by @vanch3d in #193
  • feat(17451): add date filtering on the Event Log by @vanch3d in #191
  • fix license headers by @DC2-DanielKrueger in #196
  • bugfix > fix behavior change by making fields not mandatory by @DC2-DanielKrueger in #197
  • feat(17327): Create a consistent user-friendly rendering of Data/Time info by @vanch3d in #192
  • Bugfix/vogler update endpoint option by @DC2-DanielKrueger in #198
  • Bugfix/ads adapter service loading by @schaebo in #199
  • Bugfix/fix breaking changes in payload by @DC2-DanielKrueger in #202
  • Fix build.gradle.kts registering tasks multiple times by @DC2-DanielKrueger in #200
  • feat(17448): Add a reduced version of the event log to the overview of entities in the workspace by @vanch3d in #195
  • fix(17476): Add support for Bridge nodes in the workspace by @vanch3d in #201
  • Bugfix/17745 license check by @DC2-DanielKrueger in #203
  • fix(17700): Improve the UX of the metrics panel in the workspace by @vanch3d in #204
  • feat(17787): refactor copy-to-clipboard component by @vanch3d in #206
  • fix(17869): Improve date/time rendering for seconds by @vanch3d in #208
  • fix(17782): Fix duplicated keys in onboarding tasks by @vanch3d in #207
  • Feature: Capability Service by @DC2-DanielKrueger in #209
  • Bugfix: Fix missing buffering before first connect of bridge by @DC2-DanielKrueger in #213
  • fix(17994): Fix the accessibility of the main app by @vanch3d in #218
  • Bugfix: Data loss on update of bridge by @DC2-DanielKrueger in #216
  • fix(): Adds OpenAPI Spec for 2023.8 by @sfrehse in #210
  • Bugfix: Fix wrong publish being buffered when remote bridge is disconnected by @DC2-DanielKrueger in #221
  • Feature/adapt release process including the openapi spec by @sfrehse in #211
  • Improvement/s7 ads improvements by @schaebo in #225
  • feat(15311): Add metrics charting to the links in the worspace by @vanch3d in #215
  • fix(18092): Fix the update of status for adapters and bridges in the workspace by @vanch3d in #228
  • Cleanup startup log by @DC2-DanielKrueger in #230
  • Update dependencies by @gitseti in #229
  • Bugfix: Fix bridge Buffering by @DC2-DanielKrueger in #226
  • fix(): Renames the service to edge by @sfrehse in #212
  • feat(17781): Notification framework and new release notice by @vanch3d in #205
  • Register LogLevelModifierTurboFilter only once. by @A-Imal in #188
  • Improvement: Set config write through to true as default by @DC2-DanielKrueger in #246
  • SingleWriterService > Cascade all exceptions that can be thrown during the task execution. by @A-Imal in #238
  • Bugfix: Remove race condition when closing bridge by @DC2-DanielKrueger in #248
  • remove alpha/beta version from S7 and ADS by @schaebo in #247
  • feat(18150): Manual grouping of nodes in the workspace to create new contexts for metrics by @vanch3d in #231
  • fix(): Fixes notification to direct to proper config file by @sfrehse in #250

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