HiveMQ Edge 2023.8 is Released

HiveMQ Edge 2023.8 is Released

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Published: November 20, 2023

What’s new in HiveMQ Edge 2023.8

HiveMQ Edge is a gateway that utilizes an edge-optimized MQTT broker to connect multiple endpoints and streamline your operations seamlessly. By standardizing edge data and providing support for a diverse array of IT/OT connections, this software offers a scalable and flexible solution for directing data into your core infrastructure.

HiveMQ consistently incorporates user feedback to enhance their product and introduce new features.

Discover the latest release updates below.

Siemens S7 and Beckhoff ADS Protocol Adapters

Protocol adapters enable conversion from common industrial PLC data protocols and other mediums, such as HTTP, to MQTT. HiveMQ Edge can support multiple data type conversations to MQTT simultaneously in the form of configured connections.

We’re pleased to announce that we have added Siemens S7 and Beckhoff ADS to our catalog of adapters in HiveMQ Edge.

HiveMQ Edge with newest Siemens S7 and Beckhoff ADS

How it works

You can find the two latest adapters on the Protocols Adapter page. These adapters are designed to help you connect data from Siemens S7 or Beckhoff ADS. To establish a connection, you must provide some details, such as hostname information and the data to be collected via subscriptions. It’s worth noting that the input form for each protocol adapter may require slightly different information. For instance, the ADS adapter may have different details compared to the Siemens S7 adapter. The example below shows the necessary details for a Beckhoff ADS adapter.

HiveMQ Edge with Beckhoff ADS subscriptions form

How it helps

HiveMQ Edge features protocol adapters that facilitate the integration of OT and IT devices with MQTT as the standardized data transport protocol. With this release, HiveMQ Edge users who have Siemens S7 and Beckhoff ADS client devices can easily leverage MQTT for seamless data transfer. This feature allows for the conversion of data from these devices to MQTT, making it easier for businesses to integrate their diverse range of devices into their IoT ecosystem.

Additional Features and Improvements

In version 2023.7, we released the first version of the Event Logs feature. This feature provides valuable insights into the seamless operation of essential components. To help users get better context, Event Logs are now accessible with protocol adapters and bridges — all in the HiveMQ Edge Workspace.

HiveMQ Edge with Event Logs handy at Workspace


  • fix(): Avoid copying the array of TurboFilters for each call of any method of the loggers by #181
  • fix(): A failed CONNACK should be sent, when a CONNECT packet exceed the max packet size by #170
  • fix: OpcUaProtocolAdapterAuthTest now handles async update of ConnectionStatus correctly by #185
  • fix(): Adds intro video of HiveMQ Edge as simple screencast by #189
  • feat(17596) - PLC4X threading, S7 connection, ADS adapter, Http Untrusted SSL by #190
  • CI / fix cypress binaries by #183
  • fix(16319): Fix the colour of the links' border in the navigation panel by #194
  • fix(17493): Fix the alignment of the column's headers in the paginated table by #193
  • feat(17451): add date filtering on the Event Log by #191
  • fix license headers by #196
  • bugfix > fix behavior change by making fields not mandatory by #197
  • feat(17327): Create a consistent user-friendly rendering of Data/Time info by #192
  • Bugfix/vogler update endpoint option by #198
  • Bugfix/ads adapter service loading by #199
  • Bugfix/fix breaking changes in payload by #202
  • Fix build.gradle.kts registering tasks multiple times by #200
  • feat(17448): Add a reduced version of the event log to the overview of entities in the workspace by #195
  • fix(17476): Add support for Bridge nodes in the workspace by #201

You can find more information about and download the release on the GitHub release page.

Get Started Today

Get started by running

docker run --name hivemq-edge -d -p 1883:1883 -p 8080:8080 hivemq/hivemq-edge

or clone our repository

git clone

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