HiveMQ Joins Eclipse Sparkplug Initiative

HiveMQ Joins Eclipse Sparkplug Initiative

author Ian Skerrett

Written by Ian Skerrett

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Published: February 4, 2020

Industry Initiative to Drive MQTT Standard for IIoT Interoperability

Today, the Eclipse Foundation has announced the creation of the Eclipse Sparkplug working group. Sparkplug is an industry initiative to define a common MQTT data specification to promote interoperability between equipment manufacturers and SCADA vendors that run critical industrial infrastructures. Specifically, Sparkplug defines the MQTT topic namespace, payload definition and session state management required by real-time OT SCADA systems.

HiveMQ is pleased to join this industry initiative as a founding member. We believe MQTT is the best protocol for implementing modern industrial IoT applications. Sparkplug fills a gap in defining a common data standard that will encourage interoperability between vendors. This will help accelerate the adoption of MQTT for these types of use cases and industries.

HiveMQ is well positioned to offer a MQTT broker for IIoT applications that require a high degree of reliability, availability and scalability. We already work with customers such as Daimler to support automotive manufacturing. We look forward to working with the Sparkplug community to have more MQTT usage in IIoT.

More information about Sparkplug can be found on the Sparkplug working group website.

author Ian Skerrett

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