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HiveMQ at Hannover Messe: Unlock the Power of Data for IIoT

by Allison Yrungaray
8 min read

The biggest Industrial IoT event of the year, Hannover Messe, will run from April 22 - 26 and HiveMQ is thrilled to be exhibiting once again at Hall 015, stand D62. As the Trusted MQTT Platform for Industry 4.0, we are expanding our presence to show more attendees how they can make use of their IIoT data to enable smart manufacturing and other industrial use cases that bring needed ROI. Read on to find out what we offer IIoT companies, what we’ll be demonstrating, and how to get in touch with us at Hannover Messe.

HiveMQ Bridges OT to IT

As industrial companies from all over the world descend on Hannover, Germany, they’ll be looking to solve their industrial data challenges and bridge the gap from Operational Technology (OT) to Information Technology (IT). HiveMQ is the enterprise MQTT platform that lays a powerful foundation for Industry 4.0. It solves the challenges of data collection and interoperability in manufacturing by adding a reliable, scalable and secure data abstraction layer between OT and IT systems that enables heterogeneous machines and processes to work together seamlessly even in constrained environments.

HiveMQ MQTT Platform Bridges OT to IT

Industrial customers like Mercedes Benz rely on HiveMQ for automotive manufacturing. Their Vehicle Diagnostics Systems (VDS) is a critical part of their manufacturing process, and if it goes down for more than 10 minutes, the manufacturing line may stop. Mercedes has rolled out HiveMQ for this critical process at 24 factories worldwide, sending nearly 470 million messages per month with zero downtime for reliable message exchange between the factory and the cloud. We’ll showcase this and other customer use cases from brands who trust us at Hannover Messe like Air France-KLM, Relayr, and ZF.

Highlighting HiveMQ Edge and Unified Namespace

HiveMQ recently announced the commercial version of HiveMQ Edge, a software-based Edge MQTT gateway that provides a localized edge environment that enables interoperability between OT and IT systems by providing features that include translating diverse protocols into the standardized MQTT format among others. HiveMQ Edge, coupled with the HiveMQ MQTT Platform, modernizes IIoT infrastructure and makes seamless edge-to-cloud integration a reality.  We’re excited to show customers how we can help them solve their Industry 4.0 challenges like data silos, heterogeneous systems, lack of interoperability, and more with this solution.

In addition to Edge, we’ll be talking more about Unified Namespace at Hannover Messe 2024.  UNS is a concept or strategy we see gaining significant traction in Industry 4.0.  We have customers, such as Anglian Water, building a UNS, and we’re excited to help others do the same.

A UNS organizes and makes all enterprise data accessible across layers of the technology stack, creating a centralized location for seamless data retrieval and meaningful interpretation. HiveMQ can help customers build a UNS based on MQTT for an interoperable, flexible, and infinitely scalable solution for a data-driven business.

Come See us at Hannover Messe

At Hannover Messe we will be showcasing our edge-to-cloud capabilities, with an instance of HiveMQ Edge running on a Wago PLC device connected to various machines that speak via OPC UA and Modbus. HiveMQ Edge will convert data from OPC UA into MQTT, then the HiveMQ Platform will move it seamlessly into the enterprise to be shared with IT applications such as ERP, MES, and Historian. We will demonstrate how HiveMQ helps to build a UNS from an ISA95 tag structure coming in from the various factory machines which provides context around the data being published. Ultimately good quality data is brought in using our Data Hub functionality to enable manufacturing dashboards that improve data-driven decision making and enable more efficient operations. 

Attend our Speaking Session with Google

Attend HiveMQ Director of Industry Solutions Ravi Subaranyan’s talk, “Optimizing Energy Usage and Sustainability in Smart Manufacturing Using open standards like MQTT,” on April 23 at 16:00 - 16:25 CET in Google’s booth at Hall 16, Stand A10. Ravi will dive into the challenges in energy and sustainability and the pivotal role of MQTT in improving energy usage. He’ll also share how HiveMQ works with Google Cloud to enable real-time data streaming and synchronization for event-driven architectures.

If you’re ready to learn more now or set up a time to meet at Hannover Messe - contact us. Otherwise visit us at Hall 015, stand D62 next week and we look forward to showing you why HiveMQ is the most trusted MQTT platform.

Allison Yrungaray

Allison Yrungaray is Director of Communications at HiveMQ. She has 20 years of experience in high-tech marketing and public relations, much of it focused on the Internet of Things. She has written hundreds of technical articles and achieved media placements in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes and other leading publications.

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