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HiveMQ 4.3.8 Maintenance Release

HiveMQ 4.3.8 Maintenance Release

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Written by The HiveMQ Team

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Published: November 19, 2020

The HiveMQ team is pleased to announce the availability of HiveMQ 4.3.8.

This maintenance release for the 4.3 series includes the following improvements:

  • Corrected an issue that could infrequently prevent new nodes from joining a cluster
  • Improved destination checks in an upstream library to ensure rolling upgrade stability
  • Improved heartbeat configuration for faster failure detection
  • Improved cluster merging and automatic healing capabilities for better cluster stability
  • Numerous performance enhancements for cluster operations such as replication
  • Reduced the amount of CPU usage and traffic that client disconnection generates when a node in a HiveMQ cluster stops
  • Corrected an issue that could disrupt message flow under some circumstances
  • Fine-tuned the dns-4.3.8 Docker image for accurate configuration of the cluster transport type
  • Fixed an issue where the Prometheus extension did not return metrics under load
  • Corrected format error in the heap-dump path to ensure that a heap dump is automatically generated when HiveMQ runs out of memory
  • Adjusted the way that license files are read to the license folder to increase verification accuracy
  • Fixed a rare NullPointerException that could appear during the license check of a cluster

Download HiveMQ 4.3.8 now

If you currently use HiveMQ 4.3.x, we recommend upgrading to version 4.3.8.

Have a great day, The HiveMQ Team

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