HiveMQ 4.2.2 Maintenance Release

HiveMQ 4.2.2 Maintenance Release

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Published: December 19, 2019

The HiveMQ team is pleased to announce the availability of HiveMQ 4.2.2.

This is a maintenance release for the 4.2 series and brings the following improvements:

  • Improved restriction value validation.
  • Changed the extension messaging executor metrics from com.hivemq.extensions.messaging-executor.. to com.hivemq.extensions.messaging-executor. for consistency.
  • The backup and restore feature now prevents you from starting an export while any type of replication is in progress. This new functionality protects the consistency of your backups.
  • The backup and restore export feature added improved handling of special characters. Previously, the use of special characters such as < >, &, :, and " in the xml file name could result in the omission of some client sessions in the export.
  • Fixed an issue where clients with only whitespaces as client identifier were not clickable in the HiveMQ Control Center list of clients.
  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused an incorrect value in the client session metrics when a client disconnected immediately after the CONNECT message was sent.
  • Fixed an issue that could contribute to OOM errors in which HiveMQ did not free up memory promptly after a client disconnected.
  • Improved callback handling to ensure access to HiveMQ services and builders.
  • Implemented several minor performance improvements in areas such as garbage collection to boost overall speed and efficiency of the HiveMQ installation.
  • Extension SDK iteration methods from the ClientService and SubscriptionStore now return an exception if the method is called before HiveMQ start up is complete.
  • Fixed a behavior that could prevent message delivery to subscribers that received a retained QoS 2 message.
  • Fixed an issue where extension discovery could not find any nodes directly at HiveMQ startup, but only a few moments after.
  • Improved replication handling for speed, accuracy, and logging during cluster topology changes.
  • Fixed an issue where the Extension SDK methods iterateAllSubscribersForTopic and iterateAllSubscribersWithTopicFilter in the Subscription Store could not include all possible results for topics with multiple levels.
  • Improved handling of disconnect reason codes to ensure that Will messages are correctly sent for all disconnect reason codes other than a normal disconnect.

You can download the new HiveMQ version here.

We recommend to upgrade if you are an HiveMQ 4.x user.

Have a great day, The HiveMQ Team

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