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It’s Your Time to Shine: Apply to Win an MQTT Innovation Award

by Ashley Lozito
5 min read

The submissions for our inaugural MQTT Innovation Awards, highlighting HiveMQ customer initiatives, are now live!

For years, it has been our team’s privilege to hear and experience the powerful impact that our platform has had on companies across the globe. We want to celebrate those amazing innovations and diverse use cases and share those successes with the world. 

These awards will showcase what our customers have achieved with the HiveMQ platform and MQTT in energy, automotive, manufacturing, transportation, and other industries.

Take Your Turn in the Spotlight

It’s time for you to get recognition for your dedication to leveraging MQTT technology to its fullest potential. By entering your project to win, you can showcase your successful IoT implementations and elevate yourself, your team, and your company with a story of triumph.

These stories will serve to inspire your peers and foster a collaborative environment within the wider MQTT community. Winning this award is an opportunity to stand out as a leader in the field, driving progress and setting new standards for IoT excellence.

Winners will receive:

  • Winner’s trophy

  • Exclusive winner swag package 

  • Success story to promote your organization as MQTT pioneers

  • Recognition as a leading organization for IoT excellence in the press, and on HiveMQ’s website, blog, and social networks

  • Recognition in this year’s 25th MQTT anniversary celebration

How to Enter

Fill out this form with details of your project with HiveMQ. Make sure to include the following:

  • The problem you wanted to solve using HiveMQ 

    • Ex: We needed to enable remote monitoring of devices in the field.

  • How did you use HiveMQ to solve that problem?

    • Describe in detail how HiveMQ was used in your project. Ex: We knew MQTT was the right protocol for us and HiveMQ could scale to meet our needs.

  • All of the platform’s features and capabilities you leveraged 

    • Write the product, features, extensions, and custom integrations used in your project ex: HiveMQ Edge, HiveMQ Cloud, HiveMQ Community Edition, etc.

  • Results, metrics and KPIs that you achieved. What were the results?

    • Ex: Reduced time to development by 45%, Estimated savings of $35k in overhead costs

  • Share the business impacts of the nominated project

    • What did HiveMQ help your business accomplish that was not possible before? How did you measure that impact? Ex: ROI, improved time to market, cost savings, new product offerings. Be as specific as possible.

Apply Here

Timeline of Events

Mark these dates in your calendar to ensure you don’t miss any important milestones for your application. 

Timeline Dates
Submissions open April 18, 2024
Submissions close July 31, 2024
Judging process August 2024
Winners notified September 3, 2024
Winner announcement October 22, 2024

More MQTT Milestones Ahead

Earlier this year, we began celebrating the Silver Jubilee for MQTT and the innovations it has empowered over the past two and a half decades.  The 25th-anniversary celebration continues all year with fireside chats, MQTT surveys, and opportunities to get exclusive swag. Join the mailing list to stay up to date with the latest activities.

Ashley Lozito

Ashley Lozito is a corporate marketing professional with 15 years of experience amplifying brand stories and helping B2B buyers convert. Her work for high-growth tech organizations has been featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, VentureBeat and more. She's helping to build HiveMQ’s brand story and thus helping enterprises leverage IoT, IIoT and MQTT to transform their businesses.

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