Survey Results & Announcing the MQTT Security Essentials!

Last week we have wrapped up the MQTT Essential Series. We had a lot of fun writing this series and all the feedback we got back was extremely positive. We had the feeling that we found an untouched stone and the MQTT Essentials really resonated with our readers. In order to confirm our feeling we started a little survey last week about how you, our readers saw the Essential Series and what kind of topics would be most interesting for the future. So here are the results we got.

First of all we are very happy that 87% of all participants think that the MQTT Essentials were AWESOME 🙂


This is good news for us and shows that we are on the right track and of course increases our motivation to keep producing high quality content about MQTT.

The second interesting insight we gained from the survey is that the most interesting topic for you is MQTT security. This wasn’t really surprising to us, it only confirmed the high demand in having a secure communication for a kinds of sensitive data.


So that’s why we will start with the “MQTT Security Essentials” next week.

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Of course the goal of the survey was to find out the most interesting topic and it is the only logical step to go straight ahead and write about it as soon as possible.

Another surprise was the fact that there is also a very high interest in MQTT client libraries and concrete MQTT use cases. We already had plans to write about these topics as well, but didn’t anticipate the interest is even higher than scaling MQTT. So we will cover these topics in the near future after the Security Essentials.

Thanks again to all participants of the survey! You are awesome ☺! We hope to deliver more high quality content about topics that are really interesting to you and provide you with useable information.

Have a great week,

HiveMQ Team


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