Announcing the MQTT Client Library Encyclopedia

Announcing the MQTT Client Library Encyclopedia

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Published: June 29, 2015

After finishing the Blog post series about MQTT Essentials and MQTT Security Fundamentals we got a lot of suggestions from our readers, that they would be very interested in a blog post series about high quality MQTT client libraries. We heard you and we are pleased to announce that we will start the MQTT Client Library Encyclopedia Blog post series next week!

We won many authors and maintainers of high quality MQTT client libraries for the series and we will release one guest blog post per week on our blog. So you get all the information you ever wanted to know about libraries of many programming directly from the people who know the particular libraries best: the library authors and maintainers.

You will learn the following about each library:

  • All information about the libraries, like programming languages, licenses, …
  • What MQTT features are supported by the libraries
  • How to implement basic MQTT functionality with the libraries
  • A full example MQTT application for each library
  • Additional information about the libraries

If you want your library included in the blog post series, let us know by writing an email to

You can subscribe to our blog update via e-mail below, so you don’t miss any post of the series. See you on the next MQTT Monday!

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