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Best Practices for Operating HiveMQ and MQTT on Kubernetes

by Matthias Hofschen
2 min read

In July 2020, HiveMQ announced the release of the HiveMQ Kubernetes Operator. Since then, we have been busy using our operator in internal and external projects. The HiveMQ Kubernetes Operator is now part of the HiveMQ Platform with the newest version 4.5 just released.

Today, we present a summary of our experiences with Kubernetes and the operator in the Kubernetes white paper, together with our technology partner inovex GmbH.

In this technical white paper, we cover the reasons and benefits to run your production IoT applications using the HiveMQ MQTT broker at scale on Kubernetes. We give a brief overview of Kubernetes and the operator pattern and talk about why Kubernetes provides a unified descriptive approach to managing and operating IoT applications and workloads.

We also share practical experiences from the field about:

  • Storage considerations for HiveMQ

  • Networking Aspects in Kubernetes

  • Load Balancing client connections

  • TCP Keepalive for MQTT

The HiveMQ Kubernetes Operator implements the operator pattern und provides the experience and operational knowledge of the HiveMQ team in code for your benefit. Running your production IoT applications with MQTT on Kubernetes is now greatly simplified.

Matthias Hofschen

Matthias Hofschen is Engineering Manager at HiveMQ.

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