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Finally a MQTT broker tailored for enterprises

by HiveMQ Team
2 min read

We at HiveMQ are proud to present you the next generation of Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT) brokers: HiveMQ.

Why another MQTT broker?

There are a few brokers out there which are great for prototyping, smaller or private M2M solutions. To enable companies to provide highly scalable and reliable M2M solutions we saw a strong need for a MQTT broker which has features like:

  • Ability to form elastic, scalable clusters

  • A modular architecture to extend HiveMQ for unique business applications

  • Ease of Administration of single broker instances and whole clusters

  • 100% compliance with the MQTT standard, including Quality of Service 0,1,2 and Last-Will-and-Testament topics

  • Built in enterprise-grade security with the ability to integrate into existing application landscapes

  • Professional Support

HiveMQ was built up from the ground with enterprises in mind. See the features or Contact us!

HiveMQ Team

The HiveMQ team loves writing about MQTT, Sparkplug, Industrial IoT, protocols, how to deploy our platform, and more. We focus on industries ranging from energy, to transportation and logistics, to automotive manufacturing. Our experts are here to help, contact us with any questions.

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