MQTT 5 - Now an Approved OASIS Standard

MQTT 5 - Now an Approved OASIS Standard

author Dominik Obermaier

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Published: March 12, 2019

MQTT 5 Now an Approved OASIS Standard

This week OASIS announced the final approval of MQTT 5 as an OASIS standard. HiveMQ has been an active participant in the MQTT 5 standardization process so we are very pleased to see the process come to a conclusion. MQTT 5 is an important step forward for the MQTT standard. The new versions introduces some key features required to use MQTT on modern cloud computing platforms and at massive scale for IoT use cases.

HiveMQ has offered support for MQTT v5 since our HiveMQ 4 release in December 2018 so customers can upgrade to take full advantage of the MQTT 5 features. HiveMQ 4 is compatible with MQTT 3.x and MQTT 5 so it is easier for customers to migrate. We have also recently released a new HiveMQ MQTT Client that provides a Java-based MQTT client that is 100% compliant with MQTT v5.

For those that want to learn more about MQTT 5, this article discusses some of the foundational changes in the protocol. Of course you can also download HiveMQ and experiment with MQTT 5 today.

author Dominik Obermaier

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