MQTTBox - MQTT Toolbox by HiveMQ

MQTTBox - MQTT Toolbox by HiveMQ

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Published: August 8, 2016

Short Profile

Attribute MQTTBox
Type Web App and Chrome packaged App on chrome store
License Free
Operating Systems Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS
Website Chrome Web Store


MQTTBox is a helper program to develop and load test MQTT based clients, brokers, devices, cloud and apps. Every aspect of MQTTBox is specifically designed to maximize development and testing productivity. Together, with MQTT clients and load testing tools integrated, its powerful enough to supercharge your MQTT workflow.

MQTTBox is available as Chrome App, Web app and code is open on Github for your custom changes.

Feature Overview

: Feature : Available
MQTT 3.1 ok
MQTT 3.1.1 ok
LWT ok
Automatic Reconnect ok
MQTT over TCP ok
Feature Available
QoS 0 ok
QoS 1 ok
QoS 2 ok
Authentication ok
Scripting nok
MQTT over Websockets ok

Usage / Features

MQTT Clients

  • Add multiple MQTT clients with TCP and Websockets connection support
  • Connect with wide range of MQTT client connection settings
  • Publish/Subscribe to multiple topics
  • Supports Single Level(+) and Multilevel(#) subscription to topics
  • Copy/Republish payload
  • History of published/subscribed messages for each topic
  • Auto connect clients to brokers
  • Supports QoS 0,1,2


  • Load test MQTT based clients, brokers, devices, cloud and apps
  • Supports starting multiple instances to increase load
  • Load test by publishing messages with QoS 0,1,2
  • Load test by publishing different payload in same test case
  • Load test by subscribing to messages with QoS 0,1,2
  • View live status of load testing on dashboard
  • View load test results for all/each instances on graphs plotted vs time
  • View load data for all/each instances in tables with smart search
  • Track time to millisecond units
  • Load test result history

Below screenshot shows navigation between MQTT clients and MQTT Load test cases. You can view broker connection status right from your navigation menu. mqtt-client-chrome-1

MQTT Client

You can add multiple MQTT clients each with multiple publishers and subscribers. mqtt-client-chrome-2

MQTT Load Dashboard

View live data on MQTT Load dashboard when test in progress. You can start, stop or restart load test along with viewing graphs and data for each or all instances. mqtt-client-chrome-3

MQTT Load Graph

MQTT load results can be viewed as graph format plotted with number of messages vs time. Change sampling rates of graphs to see indepth details. Drag a rectangle around an area of interest to zoom in. View graph results for each or all instances together. mqtt-client-chrome-4

MQTT Load Data

View load test data published/subscribed from each or multiple instance. Sort, search data in the table. mqtt-client-chrome-5

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