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HiveMQ: New on Docker Hub

By Florian Raschbichler, Nov 21, 2018

Announcing the introduction of a continuously updated HiveMQ Docker repository on Docker Hub that can help you streamline your development and deployment efforts.

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A quick Guide to HiveMQ and Syslog

By Florian Raschbichler, Aug 2, 2018

Logging is a key ingredient in the diagnosing, monitoring and trouble shooting of applications. Logging lets you see what your application is actually doing and helps you debug unwanted behavior.

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HiveMQ - AWS Cloud Watch Plugin

By The HiveMQ Team, Jan 25, 2017

Amazon offers their own monitoring system AWS CloudWatch for applications running on the Amazon Web Services. HiveMQ is now able to integrate directly with AWS CloudWatch with the free off-the-shelf plugin.

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Deploying HiveMQ With Docker

By The HiveMQ Team, Apr 4, 2016

This post shows how HiveMQ can be used with Docker for creating maintainable, scalable and easy-to-use MQTT server deployments.

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HiveMQ Plugins: Spring

By The HiveMQ Team, Jan 7, 2016

Spring is a well known Java Framework usable within HiveMQ' s extensible plugin system. Here is a short guide for you.

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HiveMQ - MQTT Message Log Plugin

By The HiveMQ Team, Oct 22, 2013

A few days ago we released a new HiveMQ plugin called MQTT Message Log. This plugin logs events with HiveMQs standard log mechanism.

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