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MQTT Essentials Wrap-Up

By The HiveMQ Team, Apr 5, 2015

For the last 11 weeks we have released a new MQTT Essentials post every week. Today, we want to wrap-up the series and get ready for a fresh start next week with new and interesting topics.

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MQTT over WebSockets - MQTT Essentials Special

By The HiveMQ Team, Apr 2, 2015

We've seen that MQTT is ideal for constrained devices and unreliable networks and that it is perfect for sending messages with a very low overhead. Naturally, it would be quite nice to send and receive MQTT messages directly in a browser. For example, on a mobile phone. MQTT over WebSockets is the answer.

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Last Will and Testament - MQTT Essentials: Part 9

By The HiveMQ Team, Mar 9, 2015

Because MQTT is often used in scenarios that include unreliable networks, it's reasonable to assume that some of the MQTT clients in these scenarios will occasionally disconnect ungracefully. An ungraceful disconnect can occur due to loss of connection, empty batteries, or many other reasons.

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Retained Messages - MQTT Essentials: Part 8

By The HiveMQ Team, Mar 2, 2015

In MQTT, the client that publishes a message has no guarantee that a subscribing client actually receives the message. The publishing client can only make sure that the message gets delivered safely to the broker.

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Publish & Subscribe - MQTT Essentials: Part 2

By The HiveMQ Team, Jan 19, 2015

The publish/subscribe pattern (also known as pub/sub) provides an alternative to traditional client-server architecture. In the client-sever model, a client communicates directly with an endpoint.The pub/sub model decouples the client that sends a message (the publisher) from the client or clients that receive the messages (the subscribers).

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Introducing the MQTT Protocol - MQTT Essentials: Part 1

By The HiveMQ Team, Jan 12, 2015

Welcome to MQTT Essentials: A ten-part blog series on the core features and concepts of the MQTT protocol. This post outlines what we plan to cover in the blog, gives you a quick introduction to MQTT, and provides some interesting background material on the protocol.

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