HiveMQ Download - Consent to use of data

§ 1 Collection, processing, storage and use of personal data

(1) By clicking the “download” button after entering your data, you consent to the processing, storage and use of your personal data according to the following conditions.

(2) We request the following data from you for the download:

  • Name
  • Company name
  • Position
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Application case for HiveMQ
  • Number of devices

(3) We will only use the data stated under (2) to contact you in order to ask you for information regarding your user experience and/or your opinion on the evaluation software and to ask whether you are interested in a purchase. We will contact you by e-mail and/or by phone.

(4) You may revoke your consent to the use of your data at any time

§ 2 Collection and storage of further data

(1) If you activate the update check within the evaluation software, you also consent to the submission of the following information to our update server when starting:

  • Clear identifier (e.g. “eaec627d-199e-11e3-abd7-e0f847425aca”)

  • Version (e.g. “2.2.0”)

  • Names of all plug-ins (extensions of HiveMQ) and their versions (e.g. “database plug-in”, “1.0.0”)

  • System information:

     * Operating system
     * Java version

(2) We will only use such data to show you whether new updates are available. (3) You can prevent the submission of the data stated in (1) by deactivating the update check. A manual on activating/deactivating can be found here.