Features and Hidden Gems

MQTT 5 - Features and hidden gems

MQTT 5 is the biggest and most feature-rich update to the protocol specification ever. Learn everything you always wanted to know about MQTT 5 in detail with this blog post series. We are going to explore all hidden gems and protocol features with use case discussions and useful background information - one blog post at a time.

MQTT5 Introduction

MQTT 5 Protocol changes

  • Custom Headers and User Properties
  • Reason Codes and Negative Acknowledgements
  • Payload Format and Content Types
  • Server Disconnect
  • Connect Options
  • Session Expiry
  • Message Expiry
  • Shared Subscriptions
  • Content Type Indication
  • Request / Response Pattern
  • Subscription Identifier
  • Topic Alias
  • Flow Control
  • Optional Server Feature Availability
  • Enhanced Authentication Mechanisms
  • Subscription Options
  • Will Delay
  • Server Keep Alive
  • Maximum Packet Size
  • Assigned Client Identifiers
  • Server Reference

MQTT 5 compatible Client Libraries

  • to be announced

Hope you enjoy the series.

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