HiveMQ Cloud Integrations

Confluent Cloud Integration

Confluent Cloud is a popular fully-managed, cloud-native event streaming platform that facilitates the operation of Apache Kafka clusters in the cloud and streaming data between different enterprise services.

HiveMQ Cloud is a fully-managed MQTT messaging and connectivity platform with best-in-class third-party service integrations.

The HiveMQ Confluent Cloud Integration seamlessly integrates HiveMQ Cloud and the Confluent Cloud platform to provide an easy and simple way to ingest IoT device data into your Confluent Cloud Kafka clusters.

Confluent Cloud Integration


  • MQTT message ingestion: Convert IoT data that is published to HiveMQ into native Kafka messages and forward the data to your Kafka cluster on Confluent Cloud for further processing in backend services.

  • Full observability: Monitor bi-directional message streaming activity on the HiveMQ Control Center with a transparent overview of your incoming MQTT messages and the outgoing transformed messages forwarded to Kafka.

  • End-to-end message delivery guarantees: Queue messages if the network connection to Confluent Cloud is temporarily unavailable to prevent message loss.

  • Flexible topic mappings: Aggregate millions of MQTT message topics to one or more Kafka message topics with full support of MQTT wildcards to filter the MQTT message data.

  • Easy and simple configuration: Save time with uncomplicated setup and configuration. Set up, start, and use your Confluent Cloud integration within minutes.


  • Confluent Cloud account with a running Kafka cluster.

  • HiveMQ Cloud account with a running HiveMQ Cloud cluster.
    If you have not yet created a HiveMQ Cloud cluster, see our Quick Start Guide for more information. == Add Confluent Cloud Integration

First-time HiveMQ Cloud customers are invited to take advantage of a special free trial offer. The Confluent Cloud integration is included in your 7 day free trial of HiveMQ Cloud. For more information, see HiveMQ Cloud free trial.

To add an integration to your running HiveMQ Cloud cluster, navigate to the Integrations tab of the desired HiveMQ Cloud cluster as follows:

  • On the Clusters overview, select Manage Cluster for the HiveMQ Cloud cluster you want to integrate.

Clusters overview

The Cluster Details page for the selected cluster opens.

Clusters details
  • Switch to the Integrations tab, review the Confluent Cloud integration features and terms, and select Add Integration.
    A page to configure settings for your Confluent Cloud integrations opens.

Confluent Cloud Integration Settings

In the upper area of the input form, enter connection information for the Confluent Cloud Kafka cluster that you want to use for the integration. All fields are required:

To locate your Bootstrap server information in Confluent Cloud, go to the cluster settings of the Confluent Cloud Kafka cluster that you want to connect to HiveMQ Cloud.
Your Bootstrap server information is listed on the general tab of the cluster settings:

Setting Description

Confluent CLoud Kafka Bootstrap Server

The address of your Kafka server. For example,

Bootstrap server

If you have not yet created an API key for your Confluent Cloud Cluster, you must create a key to produce or consume data to the Kafka cluster.
To generate a new API key and secret, go to Kafka API keys in the Confluent Cloud cluster that you want to connect with HiveMQ and select Create Key.

  • Copy and paste the key and secret that you generated into your Confluent Cloud integration settings.

  • Before you proceed, enter an appropriate description for the API key and save the API key and secret in your Confluent Cloud cluster settings.

Setting Description

Kafka Cluster API Key

The API key of your Kafka cluster.

Kafka Cluster API Secret

The API secret of your Kafka cluster.

Create API key

In the lower area of the input form, enter the topic mapping information that HiveMQ Cloud uses to route data to and from the Kafka cluster.
Each topic mapping can contain one Kafka topic and one or more associated MQTT topic filters. You can add as many topic mappings as your use case requires.

Setting Description

Kafka topic

The Kafka topic to which HiveMQ Cloud sends data. Only one Kafka topic can be used per topic mapping. To add more Kafka topics, select + New Topic Mapping to create a new topic mapping.

MQTT topic filter

One or more MQTT topics from which HiveMQ Cloud pulls data. One topic mapping can pull data from multiple MQTT topic filters. MQTT topic wildcards are fully supported.
To add more MQTT topic filters, select + New MQTT Topic Filter.

To complete the configuration of your Confluent Cloud integration and save your changes, select Save Settings.
To remove the Confluent Cloud integration, select Remove Integration.
To close the setup page and discard your unsaved changes, Close Settings.

Next Steps

  • Connect IoT devices to HiveMQ Cloud and start sending messages. For more information, take a look at MQTT Client Connection and Monitoring in our HiveMQ Cloud quick start guide.

  • Start to ingest your IoT data into your Confluent Cloud Kafka cluster.


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