HiveMQ Whitepapers

Chemical Manufacturing Digitization with IIoT & MQTT

Accelerate digital transformation, digitization and IIoT for your chemical manufacturing with MQTT Sparkplug.

Pharma Industry Digitization with IIoT and MQTT

IIoT technology is making it possible to automate Pharma Manufacturing operations, optimize supply chains and enable digitized regulatory reporting.

Energy Industry Digitization with IIoT and MQTT

The global Energy Industry is going through a tectonic shift. MQTT addresses all upcoming challenges in digitization.

Digital Transformation in Transportation and Logistics

IoT and MQTT enable new modes of transport and technology which help increase the efficiency and sustainability of logistics.

Manufacturing Reference Architectures on Azure

A whitepaper discussing manufacturing reference architectures for different inter factory connectivity IIoT use cases using HiveMQ MQTT broker on Azure.

Smart Manufacturing Using ISA95, MQTT Sparkplug & UNS

How an MQTT Broker can be used in smart manufacturing as a centralised server for coordinating the exchange of ISA95 models using Sparkplug and Unified Namespace.

A Comparison of OPC-UA and MQTT With Sparkplug

Which is the ideal protocol for production environments and the Industrial Internet of things (IIoT)?

Best Practices for Operating HiveMQ and MQTT on K8s

The HiveMQ Kubernetes Operator: a fully cloud-native solution to operate your HiveMQ MQTT brokers on Kubernetes for your critical IoT communication workloads.

Modernizing the Manufacturing Industry with MQTT

Learn how smart manufacturing is driving the manufacturing industry to modernize its software infrastructure.

The Connected Car and HiveMQ

See how HiveMQ and MQTT can deliver the core infrastructure for a connected car platform.

Architecture proposal for VDA 5050

This white paper discusses a reference architecture using HiveMQ to implement a VDA 5050 compliant system.

HiveMQ 10 Million Benchmark

Explore how HiveMQ performs in various scenarios. Looking for latency or high-throughput tests? We have you covered.

Clustering HiveMQ Paper

Learn everything you need to know about scaling HiveMQ and high-availability MQTT with HiveMQ.

HiveMQ Data Sheet

HiveMQ 4.7: Features, Use Cases and Product Details