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Planning and Tracking Your Digital Transformation With Value Stream Mapping

Event Details

May 8, 2024
8AM PT | 11AM ET | 5PM CET


Digitalization with Lean Principles is an ideal approach for companies seeking to digitalize their manufacturing processes while adhering to Lean principles. Value Stream Mapping (VSM) 4.0 is an excellent starting point for this purpose. To identify waste, data points, products, and data flow, leaders from IT, OT, and manufacturing should actively participate in value stream mapping and shop floor transformation. In this webinar, we will review Value Stream Mapping and discuss how to facilitate the digital transformation process. It is important to remember that successful transformation requires both cultural alignment and technological adaptation.

Our Speaker

Karem Coban is a business consultant in the manufacturing technology industry. He has 26 years of experience in the sector, specializing in Lean Management, agile development, and digital transformation. Empowering manufacturing organizations to achieve process excellence, operational efficiency, and a competitive edge through innovative technologies and methodologies.


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