Context for MQTT with the Web of Things

Event Details

March 26, 2024
8AM PT | 11AM ET | 4PM CET


The data produced by the MQTT devices around us is highly valuable. We build systems to act on the data and the knowledge, and for that we need context about the data. Indeed, it is important to know whether the temperature data belongs to sensor in my smart home, an industrial furnace or a connected vehicle’s under the hood compartment.

In this talk, Ege will show how the Web of Things standards at the W3C bring context to the MQTT data around us without changing the data itself, even reducing the payload size if you want to. Additionally, you will get to see how we can onboard non-MQTT devices into MQTT systems without losing any meaning of the interactions of the device.

This will not be just a talk; you will get to see live code and interactions over an MQTT broker. So, make sure to have your MQTT clients ready!

Our Speaker

Ege Korkan is a R&D Scientist in Siemens AG, in Munich, Germany. He works on the Web of Things topics and is active in its standardization in the Working Group and co-chairs the Community Group at the W3C. He also contributes to the open-source, mainly at the Eclipse Foundation via the Thingweb project.


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