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Bridging Realms

Integrating MQTT and Siemens SCADA into Unity's 3D Worlds

Event Details

March 21, 2024
8AM PT | 11AM ET | 4PM CET


This webinar will show an integration of MQTT with the Unity game engine and how MQTT can be used for Multiplayer Games and showcase the remarkable potential of using industrial data in Unity. Unity, primarily known for game development, emerges as a powerful platform for visualizing industrial data in 3D, making it a versatile tool for both gaming and industrial applications.

 Additionally, we will show the integration of Siemens' WinCC Unified SCADA system with Unity, facilitated through the WinCC Unified GraphQL server. This segment demonstrates a streamlined method for transferring SCADA real-time and historical data into Unity's 3D space. 

 By the end of this webinar, attendees will have an understanding of combining gaming elements with industrial data from MQTT and Siemens SCADA systems in Unity.

Our Speaker

Andreas Vogler is a Senior Key Expert at SIEMENS with a history of working in the information technology and industry. Open Source Enthusiast, OSS project "". Skilled in SCADA, MQTT, WinCC Open Architecture, WinCC Unified, Apache Kafka, Databases, Programming (Java/Kotlin/C#/C++/…) and a strong consulting professional with a Master of Science (MSc) focused in Business Process Engineering & Management.


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