The HiveMQ MQTT Client 1.1.1 is released

The HiveMQ MQTT Client 1.1.1 is released

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Published: July 16, 2019

The HiveMQ team is pleased to announce the availability of HiveMQ MQTT Client 1.1.1.

This is a patch release for version 1.1 and comes with the following improvements:

Bug fixes

  • Removed wrongly logged error when the session expires and a SUBSCRIBE packet contained two or more subscriptions
  • MqttDisconnectedContext.getCause now returns Mqtt3...Exceptions for MQTT 3 clients


  • Enabled running in JEE 7 applications by disabling CDI bean discovery
  • Statically allocated buffers respect the setting to not use direct buffers, for example on Android


  • Snapshot versions can now be obtained using JitPack

You can get the new version as maven artifact via Maven Central, JCenter or JitPack.

Also check out the project on GitHub.

We recommend upgrading to this patch release for all HiveMQ MQTT Client library users.

Have a great day,

Silvio from the HiveMQ Team

author Silvio Giebl

About Silvio Giebl

Silvio Giebl is a software developer at HiveMQ and maintainer of the HiveMQ MQTT Client open-source library. He is interested in high-performance applications on the JVM and reactive programming.

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