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HiveMQ 1.4 released with native Websockets Support and Open Source Plugin SDK

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Published: August 21, 2013

Today we are pleased to announce the release of HiveMQ 1.4! With this new release we present two big features which you will love.

Plugin SDK

As of today, HiveMQ has a free and open source plugin SDK available for you to develop custom plugins. There is an extensive plugin documentation available. There’s also a Maven Plugin available which eases the development of HiveMQ plugins even more. Just write your plugin and execute it with HiveMQ right from your IDE of choice.

We will release many new useful plugins in the next time with the source code hosted on Github under a commercial friendly Apache2 license.

There will be follow-up blog posts about how to develop HiveMQ plugins on this blog soon!

Native Websockets

The next big feature which was requested very often are native websockets. HiveMQ now offers websockets and secure websockets out of the box. That means, you can transparently use websockets as transport and your web app is a standard effectively a “normal” MQTT client to HiveMQ. No additional webserver is needed for using websockets. To learn how to enable and use websockets, please see the user manual.

We will release a nifty websocket client MQTT tool in a few days which lets you use MQTT, right from the browser. So watch out for it.


We heard your feedback and redesigned the theme of our documentations. The documentation is now more accessible, searchable and mobile friendly. We hope you enjoy it! Now both documentations (HiveMQ & Plugin) are delivered with the HiveMQ zip file. Now you can use the docs online and offline.

General improvements

We hardened HiveMQ even more and improved the overall performance. We’ve also added the ability to use client identifiers with more than 23 characters. And of course we fixed some bugs :-)

We hope you are as excited as we are about this release and we can’t wait to hear your feedback!

The HiveMQ Team

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