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HiveMQ ESE 1.1 released

HiveMQ ESE 1.1 released

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Written by The HiveMQ Team

Category: HiveMQ ESE IoT Security

Published: July 29, 2019

The HiveMQ team is pleased to announce the availability of HiveMQ Enterprise Security Extension 1.1.

The 1.1 version of the HiveMQ Enterprise Security Extension (ESE) adds some valuable new functionality.

  • Authenticate MQTT clients with plaintext passwords from your database with the PLAIN schema.
  • Use the HiveMQ ESE Helper Tool to easily create SQL insert statements for your database.

You can download the new HiveMQ ESE 1.1 version here.

If you currently use the 1.0 version of the HiveMQ Enterprise Security Extension, we recommend that you upgrade to ESE 1.1.

Have a great day, The HiveMQ Team

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